Participate in Cyber Olympiad and Become Technology Special

By Tushar On April 14, 2020

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts Olympiad exams for students from grade 1 to grade 10. The subjects in which students can participate in Olympiads are Mathematics, English, Science, Computers, Art, Essay, General Knowledge and Social Studies. Students can choose to participate in one or all the subjects as per their interest. The syllabus for this exam is as prescribed by school. Teachers often insist students to participate in these exams. Such exams have proved to be beneficial for young minds in the long run.

Cyber Olympiad is also called as computer olympiad and is one of the most preferred subjects in which students participate with great interest. It is an exam that tests computer related knowledge and cyber concepts. Digitalization has greatly influenced each and every industry in today’s times. In order to be at par with competition, it is important for students to be a genius in computers. This exam has only one level, unlike other subjects. Computer is a compulsory subject taught in all schools. Today, each and every school in India is equipped with computer labs. Most schools have the best of infrastructure, software and hardware where students can attain practical knowledge. It is imperative for computer teachers to impart practical training apart from teaching theoretical concepts in class.

Indian Talent Olympiad provides study material in the form of workbooks to schools who have registered their students for the exam. Books for Cyber Olympiad are available for classes 1 to 10. Basic concepts are cleared in the initial years. Some of the topics they are taught and tested are basics of the computer system, information processing cycle, essential computer hardware, operating system, and categorized storage device. As they move to higher classes, they are tested on subjective exercises. Mental ability exercise questions are asked for all classes. This is similar to logical reasoning, which tests thinking capacity of students. It develops analytical skills of students from a young age. Workbooks have multiple choice questions, with answers and explanation to correct answers. Students who solve questions from these books are able to understand concepts in a better manner.

Indian Talent Olympiad also provides question paper sets with answer keys. The sets include previous four year’s question papers, with individual answer keys. Students can take advantage of these sets and practice for their upcoming Cyber Olympiad exam. The world of information and technology keeps changing every second. There are several developments that take place from time to time. The organization ensures that students are taught all latest and relevant features of computer. This is one subject where things change rapidly. It is important for all of us to be at par with latest happenings. In order to be ahead with technology, we need to update ourselves at regular intervals.

Teachers often believe that students who refer to workbooks prescribed for Olympiad exams have bright chances of scoring well in their school exams. This is because, the child is exposed to content from other resources. This does not burden the child, instead throws better insights into his/her understanding of basics. Parents must understand that these exams form the base for national competitions. All competitive exams include reasoning as part of the assessment. Students who are exposed to such questions since a young age, find it easy to attempt the same in different exams. It tests understanding level of students, power of reasoning and makes them ready for national level exams. Cyber Olympiad exams provide several advantages to students. It makes them tech-savvy at a young age. It allows them to explore different technicalities on their own. It gives them a platform to compete with one another. These exams motivate students to strive for better. Any rank achieved on the national level boosts individual morale. It develops a sense of confidence through which students are able to face challenging questions easily. It further helps parents to identify talent in their children, which may be hidden for many years. Teachers are also able to ascertain interest levels in students. Olympiadexams are considered to be tricky. Therefore, it encourages students to think out-of-the-box. It engages students into brainstorming sessions so that they can come out with the right answer. These exams not only improve logical thinking but also opens up career options since a young age.