Participate in Indian National Mathematical Olympiad & Be an Expert in Maths

By Tushar on April 21, 2020In Mathematics Olympiad

Indian National Mathematical Olympiad is a platform for Maths enthusiasts where students from different schools can showcase their talent. It is held twice in a year in respective schools. The syllabus for this exam is the same as prescribed by CBSE, ICSE and State boards. The aim of this exam is to identify young talent and make them ready for future. The exam not only focuses on basics taught in school, but also improves their thinking ability. Questions asked in Olympiad exams are tricky which makes students think analytically. It develops problem solving skills, improves confidence and helps in overall development of a child. Maths requires students to be thorough with concepts taught in class. However, classroom knowledge limits the child’s power to know more. Olympiad exams are the best way to provide exposure to variety of questions.

Math Olympiad books are designed keeping in mind requirements of the child and school syllabus. The content team responsible for preparing Olympiad books ensure that basic concepts are explained in detail. The chapters are well planned that provides thorough knowledge on various topics. The exam is conducted using the multiple choice question format, which is why most books are filled with multiple choice questions. It also has answers, and explanation to all correct answers for students to check for themselves. There are several organizations in India that conduct Olympiad exams in different subjects. One among them is Indian Talent Olympiad, which has gained recognition over the years for its quality of exams. Headquartered in Mumbai, this organization provides study material in the form of workbooks, mock questions and previous year question paper sets.

Teachers recommend students to study from Math Olympiad books even for their school exams. At times, it is important for students to be aware of different type of questions from the same concept. Students often complain that the questions in the final exam are being twisted to increase difficulty level. However, students who practice questions from Olympiad books will never face such problems. This is because, these books train students’ mind to think differently. It becomes very easy for students to solve difficult questions in the final exam. It prepares them not only for their academics, but ensures holistic development in students. The course material is designed by a team of educationists, professionals and experts who have thorough knowledge on the subject. Books engage students and encourages self-study among them.

Schools can register for Indian National Mathematical Olympiad by getting in touch with any of the Olympiad centers in India. Once the registration process is complete, teachers will have to send names of students applying for their choice of subject. The center would then provide complete detail about syllabus, exam format, date of exam and so on. This exam prepares students for various competitive exams later in life. It helps them to focus on their goals and achieve the same. Logical reasoning is an integral part of all Olympiad exams. Irrespective of the subject, students are exposed to questions from this section. Learning happens differently through this segment of the exam. Students are encouraged to involve into brainstorming and come out with the right answer. Logical reasoning is a part of other competitive exams that students take before starting their careers.

There are several benefits of attempting Indian National Mathematical Olympiad for students and schools. Rank holders bring name and fame to their respective schools. This further helps in building goodwill for the school. Teachers are given a platform to interact with top educationists responsible behind Olympiad exams. Eminent personalities are given a chance to mingle with the young minds and motivate them to perform well. For example, Ms. P.T Usha, who has been awarded the prestigious Arjuna award and Padma Shree award is the brand ambassador of Indian Talent Olympiad. Her success story goes a long way in influencing students from a small age. Students look up to such personalities to build their own careers. Most of Math Olympiad books focus on what students are learning in class. The only difference being, the same questions are asked differently in Olympiad exams. Questions are related to concepts that ensures students to have strong foundation from the beginning. Indian National Mathematical Olympiad is one of the most trusted preparation tool useful to shape one’s career. It provides in-depth guidance for students preparing for national exams in the near future.