ITO Privileged To Be Under The Tutelage of PT Usha

P. T. Usha Madam ITO Advisory Committee Head

Indian Talent Olympiad is honored to have the continuous assistance and support of Madam P.T Usha in Olympiad exams conducted for students of class 1 to class 10. Being an Olympian Champion herself, Madam encourages young budding talent to improve their academic performances. She constantly provides her words of encouragement to all children participating in these exams. This acts as a great deal of motivation among the entire student community. Indian Talent Olympiad conducts Olympiad exams in subjects such as Maths, Science English, General Knowledge, Drawing, Essay, Computer and Social. These are academic subjects that provide additional guidance in topics taught in class. The syllabus for these exams are the same as prescribed by the leading boards of the country. 

Madam P. T Usha, well known as the Golden Girl of India has also been called the Queen of Indian track and field. She has several awards and honors credited to herself including the Padmashri. She understands the importance of hard work and thus wants each and every child to shine in their life. Her association with Indian Talent Olympiad is mainly to promote young talent. She feels immensely happy hearing the performances of children and always motivates them with her encouraging words. Indian Talent Olympiad introduced the online Olympiads for children in the year 2020 when the whole world adapted working and learning online. The online exams went very well with all children. It was greatly supported by parents and teachers alike. Looking at the enthusiasm of students, it started with online monthly Olympiads. The main aim of the online monthly tests was to make students thorough in individual topics of individual subjects. This ensured that students have thorough understanding of all chapters and are able to attempt the entire annual Olympiad exam. 

Apart from conducting online and offline Olympiad exams, the organization provides study material in the form of workbooks and previous year’s question paper sets for practice. These books are developed by subject matter experts who are masters in their subjects. The previous year’s question paper sets provide students a fair understanding of the type of questions that may be a part of the upcoming Olympiads. Although all questions are unique, but the type, level of difficulty is almost the same. The question paper is divided into three parts, the first being the subjective section, the second is the higher order thinking questions and the third segment is the logical reasoning section. Olympiad exams prepare students not only for academics but also makes them an all-rounder. They gain the required confidence to compete with each other at national and international levels. 

Madam P.T Usha provides her continuous guidance and support to the team of Indian Talent Olympiad. She is one of the greatest well-wishers of the organization, who wishes good luck to all the participants of Olympiads. Her motivating talks inspires all students from class 1 to 10, their parents and even their teachers. Indian Talent Olympiad is glad to have Madam P.T Usha on the advisory committee who provides continuous advice and support to the organization. Her personal life, hard work and commitment to the field of sports serves as an example to many. Indian Talent Olympiad is grateful for her support always. 

The registrations for the online as well as the offline Olympiads can be done through our website. The organization encourages individual students to register and also invites schools to register on behalf of students. It has made both options open to all applicants. Monthly Olympiads are conducted every month and annual Olympiads are held once a year. Monthly Olympiads are available in subjects such as Maths, Science, English, General Knowledge, Drawing and Essay. It gives value to all subjects equally. It believes that all children are blessed with the same amount of intelligence, it is only up to the parents and teachers to guide them in the right direction. There is no minimum eligibility criterion to participate in these exams. All those interested and those who want to improve their school scores can participate in the Olympiads. 

The Olympiad exams are conducted in two rounds. Round 1 is open to all students, round 2 is only for those who clear Round 1. Details about round 1 and round 2 is available on the website. The annual Olympiad schedule is also available on the website. With more than 33,000 schools, 1 crore students, 20000+ scholarship winners and 50000+ awards won, Indian Talent Olympiad is undoubtedly the best Olympiad organization in the country. It is happy to have won the hearts of the entire student, parents, and teachers fraternity. Along with the blessings of Madam P.T Usha, Indian Talent Olympiad welcomes all students to take part in these exams.