Science Olympiad exam for Budding Scientists

By Tushar on April 20, 2020In ISO

International Science Olympiad is conducted at global levels for students of class 1 to 12. It is an international competition where students are given a chance to represent their country. It is certainly a moment of pride for participating schools and students to be a part of such exam. Interested students can register themselves through their respective schools. It is important for schools to register with any of the Olympiad centres and provide a platform for students to compete with one another. The purpose of this exam is to encourage students to experiment with various topics covered in science. It inspires students to use their scientific bent of mind and come out with new findings. It gives confidence to budding scientists to explore more with each coming day.

National Science Olympiad is similar to the international exam, the only difference being, it is conducted within the boundaries of the country. For example, if India conducts this exam, it will be only for students studying in India. This exam holds a lot of importance, as it allows students to compete with one another at national levels. It ensures improvement of science education in the country. It increases students’ interest in the subject, and provides a sense of recognition in education. There are several institutes that offer Olympiad exams in India. Today, more and more schools are becoming a part of organizations conducting these exams. Educationists and leading visionaries believe that Olympiad exams provide solid foundation to our tiny tots. The education sector has drastically changed in the recent years. The focus has now shifted from rote learning to clearing basic concepts. Olympiad exams do exactly what is required for students to achieve a good score in academics.

Most Olympiad exams are conducted in two rounds. The first round checks basic knowledge of students. The second round tests advanced thinking skills. The exams are scheduled keeping in mind school exams. The syllabus for Science Olympiad is as per school curriculum. It gives them additional knowledge on topics taught in the class. It allows students to delve deep into concepts and master them. This exam aims to increase questioning curiosity of students and helps them to stand out among the crowd. It ensures that there is no pressure on children to perform, instead gives them a deep grounded foundation to make them ready for their future. Today, we are in a world which is constantly evolving. It is important that parents understand the necessity of Olympiad exams to shape the careers of their children.

National Science Olympiad exam consists of multiple choice questions for students from class 1 to class 10. There is no negative marking in this exam. The questions majorly focus on syllabus from the present year and little from the previous year. It ensures there is transparency in exam pattern. It helps students to revise previously learnt knowledge so that they do not forget their basics. It creates a foundation for students to attempt various competitive exams. Logical reasoning is an integral part of all Olympiad exams. This section tests students’ thinking capacity. It allows them to exercise their brains to come out with the correct answer. Reasoning is a part of most national competitions. These brainteasers go a long way in shaping young minds. Students who solve questions from this section find it easy to attempt other exams.

There are various advantages of Science Olympiad for students. Teachers urge each and every child to participate in such exams to increase confidence. It increases the ability of students to apply scientific knowledge to concepts taught in class. Students who participate in Science Olympiad are sure to exhibit extraordinary skills while performing experiments in laboratories. This is one chance for students to experience science, just like a real scientist. It is an opportunity; which parents must grab so that children can apply scientific method with proper understanding. In today’s ever changing dynamic world it is important for students to dig deeper into what is being taught in class. Students who attempt to strive for more are able to take up challenges easily. Overall, National Science Olympiad boosts students’ self-confidence. It encourages self-study from a small age. Register your child today for Olympiads to nurture hidden talent, foster growth and development and bring the best out of young minds.

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