Solve International Maths Olympiad Questions to Test your Intellect

By Tushar On April 25, 2020

Olympiad Maths exam tests students’ proficiency and accuracy of Mathematics. It is conducted at national levels and is open for students from class 1 to class 10. The syllabus for this exam is the same as prescribed by respective schools. Interested students can get in touch with their Maths teacher and register themselves for the exam. Indian Talent Olympiad conducts this exam in two levels. The first level consists of basic questions in Mathematics, whereas the second level tests on advanced problems. Ability to clear both the rounds is rewarding not only for the child, but also for the school. Rank holders of Olympiad exams bring laurels to their respective school, which is why several schools these days include these exams as part of their extra-curricular activities.

International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) is a scientifically designed skill-based assessment that identifies strengths and weaknesses of a child. It is the best way to understand areas where students need to improve. Teachers get to know overall intellectual potential of students. The questions are based on conceptual multiple-choice pattern that emphasizes on the fact that students have understood school syllabus well. The objective of this exam is to attract highly motivated students and bring the best out of them. Teachers leave no stone unturned in emphasizing the benefits of Olympiad exams in class. Parents too realize the academic potential of their children, only when they are exposed to national competition.

Mathematics is considered to be the backbone of several career options. International Maths Olympiad questions & Olympiad sample papers train students to develop logical reasoning skills, enhance problem solving and improves analytical thinking. These are basic abilities required for students to gain mastery on the subject. With the advent of computers and technology, the importance of Mathematics has largely increased. Teachers across the globe take lot of efforts to popularize Mathematics among students. To do so, a lot of fun learning activities are conducted at classroom level from a young age. This ensures that fundamentals and other basics are cleared before the child is promoted to the next class. There are numerous benefits for children who participate in this exam. Some of them include:

  • Solid foundation for other national and international competitive exams
  • High level of learning
  • Platform where students can test individual potential
  • Pre-practice for school exams
  • Early exposure to competition and learning
  • Recognition and awards for rank holders at national, state and school level
  • Ability to think out-of-the-box to arrive at the right answer
  • Improve proficiency in Mathematics
  • Enhance critical thinking skills
  • Identifies child’s aptitude and interest in the subject

Students who participate in Olympiad Maths exam can monitor and compare their year by year achievements with students from different schools. This being a national level exam, increases healthy competition among one another. It promotes self-realization in students, through which they are able to gauge their capabilities. It becomes easy for them to understand challenging questions that may be a part of their academics. Maths Olympiad ensures participants to become clever problem solvers. This is because, they are given the opportunity to sharpen their knowledge by attempting problems that may not be taught in class. Instead of rote-learning, exam focuses on skill-based assessment.

International Maths Olympiad questions are framed keeping in mind international competition. The syllabus for these exams are designed as per CBSE, ICSE, and other international boards. It becomes very easy for parents to understand areas where students require improvement. Today, apart from classroom sessions, students are required to be exposed to such competitions. Mathematics form the basis of many career options. Most institutes make it compulsory for students to undertake entrance exams before enrolling themselves for higher education. These exams consist of tricky questions that require students to have excellent reasoning capabilities. Those who have practice of solving such problems since school, surpass all levels of quality.

Several institutes conduct Olympiad exams in the country. Out of those, Indian Talent Olympiad is one of the trusted names that conducts these exams. It has a team of highly qualified educationists, professionals and experts who ensure superior levels of learning. The content team has devised a comprehensive set of study material that includes workbooks, mock tests and previous year’s question papers. International Maths Olympiad questions are likely to appear from these books. Teachers recommend students to get a copy of their book for self-practice. Olympiad Maths exam docks academic talent, ensures students use all available resources to study for their exams and helps budding geniuses to come out of classroom walls. It is the best exposure given to children to develop love for Mathematics.