Students can Improve their Drawing with These Tips

It has become a stereotype for guardians to exclude drawing from education when it comes to studies and subjects. Many think drawing is a waste of time, and rather kids should focus on other subjects. But drawing is as much important for the students as other subjects. For class 8 students drawing is a medium to express their ideas. Drawing gives a sense of artistic pleasure and helps them to improve their imagination. So if the student needs to be good at drawing whether it is sketch, painting or a simple scenery drawing for class 8, and that’s the reason we emphasized drawing and introduced the Drawing Olympiad.


Practice Daily

The first step to excel in any skill in this world is practice. If the child is not able to draw something properly, make them practice drawing for 30 to 40 minutes every day. They would take that as a break from regular studies and will help to get better at drawing. The more a student will draw the more they will be confident about their drawing, and ultimately they will get good at it.


Look at Other Drawings

Drawing is said to get better if one just observes things. And what can be better than letting the students observe other drawings? It can be a simple or a detailed drawing. Help them to observe how the lines have been drawn, what colours are used in which portion, how the shadows are made, the shades, the shapes and many other details. Looking at the works of others and helping them to study them will make them understand how it is made, and they will try to practice that in their drawings.


Copy from Drawings and Images

It is one of the best tools to learn for class 8 students. Copy famous drawings of popular figures or the one that intrigues the child. They will be able to learn a lot from copying and drawing some famous works. Even they can look at an image of a human, nature, animals, monuments, or anything and let them draw the same thing on paper. Images and other work are the best learnings for scenery drawing for class 8. This is going to help them in drawing the details and different shapes, backgrounds and environments.


Draw from Reality

Tell them to draw real-life objects like the furniture, water glass, coffee cup, dinner sets, and other objects. This will help children soak in the mind how reality looks, which will help them draw objects on their own after some time. The difficulty level can be increased from drawing small objects to complex figures like a pet, human faces, hands, and legs. This would help them to draw the complex anatomy of the human body and get better at drawing complex and detailed figures and shapes.


Get Books for Drawing

To make the students learn every day, it would be good if they were introduced to some books teaching about drawing. There are different books available on sketching, painting, drawing a figure and many others. Such excellent books for drawing are provided to the students by the Indian Talent Olympiad. The drawing workbook by ITO has sound information about various drawing methods like object drawing, poster making, pencil shading, ball pen art, water colouring, portraits, stone age arts and many more. Such books will help the students to understand how to draw a particular figure or object step by step.

Drawing is not just a subject taught at school but also a form of art to explore and express. Drawing will help students in various aspects of their life. So teach them the importance of drawing and how to improve it.

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