Tips To Attend Student Test At Home

By Tushar On June 20, 2020 In Exam


The most valuable key to success is education. Education not only helps in the academics but also in acquiring life experience and finding your place in the world. It helps us to take all the necessary steps that benefits our life and provides us with the skills that are essential in the process of developing in career. Education provides us important skills like problem solving, decision making, analytical thinking, etc. which clears the path and paves the way towards success.

Education facilitates learning, develops skills, values, beliefs and habits. It plays an important role in shaping the career of an individual. It helps to earn recognition in the society. The educational system in India is the largest in the world In India; the schools generally run from Monday to Saturday. We have several boards, and each board has a separate syllabus. Schools are the place where we learn everything. We learn about new subjects and develop the proficiency in a skill that helps us in academics and also in future career making. It teaches us to learn together and therefore, with proper education and knowledge one can grow and develop him / her in making his / her future career more successful.


On 15th March 2020, the decision of shutting down the schools and colleges for temporary basis got implemented across the country. As there is an increase in the number of cases of people infected by coronavirus, there were certain measures taken to break the chain of spread. Schools and colleges had no certainty of when they will get reopened. Also the academic exam of all the levels of students got cancelled due to this pandemic. This was the critical time for the educational sectors. The schooling structure got affected by this sudden closure due to the pandemic. Students’ education is the most important as it helps in shaping them for the future. Most of the educational institutions in India have decided to not to stop the learning of the students which affects the study of the students. As an alternative to the traditional learning methods, many educational institutions have introduced online practice tests for students. Since, we all are used to the technology; it is made possible for students to stay updated with the knowledge.


Educational of around 300 million students got disrupted due to the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. Such closure was never faced by the schools any time in the past. Educational oriented organizations have decided to take few steps to keep the learning to continue during this uncertainty. Since it was important to keep the education to stay functioning, the Olympiad exams conductors have decided to launch new online student tests to make students stay in touch with the education. Online learning makes it easy and convenient to continue building important skills for the future of the students. These online tests have number of benefits. Let us explore some of the key reasons why it is perfect to invest time in online tests.


Now-a-days online learning is preferred by many educational institutions. Due to the coronavirus outbreak and imposed lockdown students find it difficult to make it for classes in the traditional brick classrooms. Below we’ll be explaining some of the key benefits of e-learning.

Flexibility to study –

Students are given the freedom to handle or manage their online test as these courses are not tied to a fixed schedule. It also helps students to manage their time in learning their different subjects.

Study safely at home –

Online courses & tests costs less as compared to the traditional education. Students can learn just by sitting at their home safely.

Increases knowledge

Online student tests helps in increasing knowledge of the students. Students get to test their knowledge and analyze their progress through these tests. Each test follows the regular school board syllabus, but the level of these tests is higher than the regular school exams. These exams help in advancing the knowledge of the student making him or her acquiring excellence in his / her academics.


Online tests are not so popular amongst students as compared to online courses. But, the online tests are similar to the exams that we give in a classroom. As in today’s world, students are more technology savvy; it becomes easy for students to understand the working of online tests. In order to succeed in online tests, we have listed some tips that help students in these tests.


Read and understand the guidelines of the test –

Before appearing for any online test, make sure that you read and understand all the guidelines of the test to make sure you don’t miss any important “Need to know” factors highlighted.

Go through the format of the test –

A student needs to learn the format of the test. What type of questions will come – multiple choice, fill in the blanks, short answers, etc. This will help students to appear for the exam without any difficulties.

Take practice test –

Olympiad practice tests are similar to the Olympiad examsTaking regular practice tests can improve the performance of the student and helps them to learn the management of the time.

Check your system –

To avoid last minute issues, check you system and connectivity before logging in for the test. Ensure that you system is working fine.

Study and practice thoroughly –

A thorough practice and study will help you excel in the topics that you lack in. You will also find that new things get added to your existing knowledge.

Schedule your time –

Scheduling you time is more important. You need to plan your time according to the improvement required for each concept. Sticking to the planned schedule is much more important if you want to score well in the online tests.

Keep your eye on the watch –

While you appear for an online student test you need to keep your eye on the watch as these exams are abided by the time limit. You need to complete your test in the minimum time. This habit will benefit you when you appear for any Olympiad exams or any competitive exams in future.

Do not leave the test page –

Make sure that you won’t leave the test page in the middle of the test. Leaving the test page is assumed as you have completed the test and you get the marks based on the questions you have attempted.

Check your answers before submitting –

Ensure that the answers you choose are correct toy your knowledge before submitting and moving on to other questions.

Check you scores and analyze you progress –

Once you finish your practice test or your online test, make a habit of checking you scores and analyzing your progress. This will give you a fair idea of what areas you need to improve in.

Improve yourself –

When you get you score, you get to learn the areas in which you lack in. Do not worry, work hard, practice thoroughly on those areas and improve yourself for your next test.