Training for IMO - Practice is the key to success

International Mathematics Olympiad

(IMO) International Mathematics Olympiad is an annual international maths exam that is conducted for high school students. It includes participants from across the country and is regarded as the most prestigious mathematics competition in the world. It is an individual competition with participants not representing their schools, colleges, or universities but doing it themselves. Students find this one of the best ways to prepare for the subject and test their math skills. The four attributes commonly relevant to the IMO test are mathematics, algebra, geometry, and combinatorics.


Indian Talent Olympiad

ITO conducted Maths Olympiad for schools in India. These exams are conducted to assess the skills and make students practice a lot. We can surely say that those who succeed in this exam have a different caliber and mentality than the others. Thus, it is much more than a brain teaser or a maths test; it’s an adventure that will provide them with a challenge worth fighting for. The subjects generally covered in the Mathematics Olympiad are Algebra, Area and Volume, Arithmetic, Coordinate Geometry, Data Handling and Probability, Differential Geometry, Graphs, and Combinatorics. The Olympiad has a buzz to prepare well for it as it gives a platform to talented students from all over the country to exhibit their skills and a chance to explore from where they stand from different parts of India.


How To Compete In IMO

?    Students who are interested in giving the maths Olympiad can go to the website of the Indian Talent Olympiad and register easily.
?    School administration can tie up with ITO for all the students who want to compete in the Olympiad.
?    Teachers are very well aware of their student’s interest in math and can motivate them to participate in these exams. 
?    All students or school administration need to do is register on the official website of ITO. 
?    Students who score well and get a rank will also get awards and prizes from the team of ITO. 

Books for IMO

Being a student is the same all over the world. There are just minor differences. One of them is that some students are slacking off in Maths while others have made it their passion. At times, preparation is lacking the most by students while giving competitive exams such as IMO. Many students dominate their state math competitions, but when they participate in international maths competitions, they are not able to obtain so many marks.
This is because of the need for Mathematics Olympiad Books and related study materials for the students who are preparing for the IMO. It is necessary to buy Math Olympiad Workbooks and Previous year question papers for class 1 to class 10 students. Indian Talent Olympiad provides students with books that will help them in olympiads and also in regular school exams. Students can take part in these exams from various schools. This means there is fair competition for every student on the same level. To help the students with their Mathematics Olympiad exam, there is a book called Maths Olympiad Workbooks which will be covering every topic there is. 


Workbooks by ITO

Maths Olympiad workbooks and question banks are designed and prepared by experienced professionals of various branches of Mathematics. The workbooks for all classes from class 1 to 10 are comprehensive in their approach and help students not only do higher class exams but also help them improve fundamentally as Maths learners. Olympiad workbooks are the material students get subscribed to do practice for different Olympiads. These workbooks contain sample queries on various topics which are asked in any Olympiad. These books are designed by experts in the subject, who have experience of the matter at hand. You can buy these workbooks online in any class or any level. The students need to know differentiation for being able to understand various concepts easily. Hence, students can practice it through the Olympiad Maths workbooks by the Indian Talent Olympiad. The book contains the full list of formulas that students must master for doing good in their exams.

To register for the exam and more details, please click on the link below or check the website of ITO:

International Maths Olympiad IMO | Indian Talent Olympiad