Various Olympiad Exams Conducted In India


India is home to over a billion people, and the majority is constituted of youths, for our nation to thrive and grow, education hence holds great importance. It serves to provide the young with an opportunity for a secure and bright future. Students are sent to school so that they can start early, develop their knowledge and associated understanding, realize where their interests lie and how they can further put them to use in the future to benefit and thrive on it, growing as a mindful understanding human being. But it also needs to be considered that this is amongst the various other reasons that education is highly competitive and one needs to have a dedication to put in the effort towards a subject that draws their interests such that this opportunity presented to them can be utilized in the best of ways. The Olympiad exams are the opportunities. 
Olympiads are subject-specific, highly competitive exams that are held at different levels such as the school level, the national level, state-level and more. Students have a choice to appear for this exam based upon their interest in the subject and convenience, they also get to present their skills to the world and gain exposure and learning in turn. The Olympiads serve as a common platform where the individuals are ranked based upon their merit and the process is bound by a number of set guidelines to keep the process fair for all. The Indian Talent Olympiad is one of the top Olympiad exam organizers in India. The Indian Talent Olympiad currently offers eight different Olympiads for interested students, these are held in both online and offline mode. These exams are as follows:
•    The International Science Olympiad (ISO) – This exam by the ITO aims to test student’s interest in the field of sciences namely- Physics, Chemistry and Biology, besides providing the students with a better understanding and insight as to what they need to learn, what they might have to work with and how should they choose to proceed with the subject and proceed in the field to make it into a career. The Olympiads help students add to their existing knowledge and become better aware of what they need to work upon to further improve their skills related to it. 

•    The International Maths Olympiad (IMO) - This Olympiad caters to Maths enthusiasts and individuals who wish to improve upon the subject and remain ahead of their peers. The subject requires much dedication and effort, but can greatly help improve a student’s overall performance in regular academics. The required input of effort and good use of the provided educational resources can help one prepare and perform well in the examination, besides adding to their mental capacity and improvising upon the present skill set.

•    The English International Olympiad (EIO) -  The English International Olympiad(EIO) in recent times has seen an increase in people’s interest associated with it, given the increase in the usage of English as a language on a global scale. It is very lucid and can be easily learnt hence people take to it with ease, which makes it an important subject in a student’s curriculum. The students get to improve upon their grip on the language and work upon the basic vocabulary and grammatical skills when choosing to appear for the exam and excel in it. The test aims to help students gain proficiency in English, thereby adding to their skills.

•    The General Knowledge International Olympiad (GKIO) – The GK Olympiad has is  for the general knowledge enthusiast, it tests one’s knowledge about different aspects, from the world around them to the events that occur in it. The aim is to help students become all-rounders with proper awareness and understanding of multiple aspects. The exam does not only cover current affairs but includes quite a vast variety of topics aiding the students in being up-to-date with the developments going on around the world.

•    The International Computer Olympiad (ICO) - The Olympiad tests a student’s understanding related to the field of computer and informatics  and helps them develop skills pertaining to it, allowing them to have a better understanding of the topics related to the subject for the rapid digitalization of regular activities require one to develop a basic knowledge of technology and its usage.

•    The International Drawing Olympiad (IDO) – An all-round development of a student is quite essential these days for it helps them go a long way in fields more than one, as they gain experience in a variety of things and grow, hence the IDO aims to put one’s skill of drawing and related knowledge to the test. The students learn as well as get to polish their skills, developing  and improving  with due practice and these over time greatly help them have a better imagination and sharpness for they get to express and put their ideas into a form.

•    The National Essay Olympiad (NESO) – the National Essay Olympiad (NESO) is an essay writing exam, it tests one’s proper grasp of the language, with knowledge related to proper structure and a decent vocabulary. This Olympiad is for the students to allow them to test their skills in language and storytelling which makes the exam all the more interesting given the fact that essay writing is considered to be one of the most useful skills to have, it requires the knowledge of various subjects as well as language.

•    The National Social Studies Olympiad (NSSO) – The Olympiad is for students with an interest in the subjects of History, Geography and Civics, it puts their knowledge to the test. It is conducted annually and helps them grow and develop all the same.

•    The National Entrepreneurship program (NEO) - National Entrepreneurship Olympiad (NEO) is an initiative that has been put in place to nurture young minds and inspire them to start something anew the Indian Talent Olympiad along with one of the nation’s premier educational Institute- the Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Bombay’s ECell- Eureka Junior, has taken up this initiative to provide students with something new and to allow them to grow and explore as well as create opportunities for themselves. 
The Indian Talent Olympiad understands the students' needs and requirements, it acknowledges the student’s varying interests and the importance of exposure, hence it has made available a wide variety of Olympiads apart from which the organization  focuses on providing the students with a plethora of useful and curated educational resources that are relevant and associated to the subjects. These resources include video classes, online assignments, scoreboards, paper compilation books, model test paper compilations and much more.

The resources, as well as question papers, are prepared under the able  guidance and expert care of professionals and educationists who belong to the respective fields in order such that it can be ensured that the impact of education is maximized and the student has more to gain from the process of learning.


The above-mentioned exams are open for students of classes 1-10 of all educational boards, and the registration for the same is open as well. Visit the official website of ITO for more information.


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