What Is International Computer Olympiad?

By Tushar On May 16, 2020

Computers have become an important part of our lives as they can perform any task easily and repeatedly without making errors.  It has changes the way we work. Be it be any profession, computers plays an integral role in day to day operations. A computer with internet connectivity is the most powerful device. Computers save a lot of time and provide a lot of information when connected to internet. It has become necessary in today’s world to have basic knowledge of computers as computers are used nearly in all the sectors. It has deep impact on the educational sectors. Today’s kids are more familiar with technology. Students are taught about computer right from the lower class. Computer education plays a vital role in schools days to develop students’ career. Developing computer skills help students in improving academic performance. Computer education facilitates the learning in an interesting way and by this students tend to learn and grasp thing very fast. Students become quick learners by mastering computer skills. With strong knowledge of computer students can easily adapt to new technology. Computer education helps students to aim for excellent jobs in future.

What is International Computer Olympiad?

            International Computer Olympiad (ICO) is the Olympiad exam organized by Indian Talent Olympiad for class 1 to 10. This exam follows all school boards. The motive behind conducting this competitive exam is to identify talent and skills. It encourages students to build up their knowledge by understanding various things about computers. This exam helps in enhancing the skills of a student. Students get a big platform to display their talent and showcase their love for the subject. This exam helps in promoting learning skills. Confident level increases when a student gets an opportunity compete other students. An exposure to competitive atmosphere is provided which benefits students in developing the ability to face challenges. Students get to analyze and measure their talent and skills at National and International Level. Awards and recognitions also motivate students. Such competitive exams help students to score good in their academic exams too. Fear of competition and exams is removed from the students.

How to Participate?

            Registering for International Computer Olympiad is very easy. Students need to register through their respective schools to participate in this exam. School can register and enroll the name of students by filling the registration form through online or offline mode. In-charge teacher of Indian Talent Olympiad needs to fill the registration form as per the guidelines before the last date of registration.

Preparation Tips

            Competitive exams need a lot of efforts to excel in it. A regular practice helps in achieving satisfying scores in the exam. Practicing with dedication towards the subject helps to achieve excellence. Preparing a schedule for studying is necessary. It is important to revise each concept thoroughly. Stop worrying about the exam and focusing on the areas a student lacks in or needs improvement in, is a best move to win the fight. Indian Talent Olympiad provides study materials to the students. Previous year sample papers and Olympiad workbooks are made available for students. Students can practice questions from the workbooks. MCQ is the format of questions followed by these books. These books are made reader friendly so that a student learns without any difficulty. Varieties of interesting activities are designed for effortless learning. Construction of the contents in these books is composed under the guidance of the subject experts. For testing and examining the knowledge, previous year question papers benefits a lot. Along with the sample question papers, answer key is attached so that a student gets a proper and logical answer for every question. It helps students to get a fair idea of the pattern that the exam follows. Student can build a strategy and develop time management skills in the process of preparation. After all – “Success comes from repeated efforts”.

Awards and Prizes

            There are various awards and prizes given to the students performing excellent in the exam. Prizes include Cash awards, medals, gifts, certificates and scholarships. The National toppers are awarded at a Prize Distribution Ceremony. This keeps them encouraged and motivated.

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