What is International Science Olympiad?


When you hear the word ‘science’ what do you think of? Lab coats and test tubes? Telescopes and stars? Einstein? Dog-eared text books? While these represent various aspects of science, none of these truly signify ‘science’ as a whole, because as a field it is so complicated. Science can be thought of as both a body of knowledge (the things we have already discovered), and the process of gaining new knowledge through observation and experimentation. Both knowledge and process are interdependent, since the knowledge acquired depends on the questions asked and the methods used to find the answers.

To explore this curiousness of the subject among the students, Indian Talent Olympiad has come up with the Internation Science Olympiad, that is conducted across the globe to nurture scientific minds at a young age. An exam specifically put together to test a student’s understanding of the very basic of the subject and its associated topics. The paper and resources are put together with much care to provide the student with only the best educational resources.

This exam not only helps students keep in touch with the academics that is taught in their school but also helps them understand the working of the universe with science. It boosts a student’s confidence for they learn to trust the efforts put in the process and involved skills by putting them to test and evaluation.

Various kinds of useful resources are made available for the registered students so that they can have better understanding of the subject. It helps shape and sharpens a child’s mental skills, like logical, analytical skills of reasoning, comprehension and so on. An individual can work to improve upon their skills pertaining to time and stress management and accuracy which plays a crucial part when it comes to competitive exams.

The exam is open to all the students from class 1 to class 10. All the students can participate irrespective of their boards. There is a minimal fees for the registration of the exam i.e., INR 150. Interested students can log on to www.indiantalent.org and complete the registration process.

Indian Talent Olympiad sees thousands of bright budding minds every year who take this opportunity to showcase their talent and gain many benefits not only in terms of development and learning but also in case of academics for the process of things only serve to improve upon their existing skills that they can make use of in the academics itself.

This is your opportunity. We eagerly await your participation. Warm regards!