What is National Olympiad?

What is National Olympiad?

Olympiads are exams conducted throughout the country that lets students compete with each other on similar education level. They are conducted for students from class 1 to class 10. These exams are conducted by various organization across India and Abroad. The questions asked are in the form of multiple-choice questions. These exams are conducted on multiple subjects like Science, Mathematics, Social Science, Art, Computer Science, General Knowledge and English. Over the years organizations have stressed to help analyze their strengths and weaknesses by providing them a platform through these exams, with the objective of identifying and nurturing young talent for better academic results. These exams can be taken up Individually or at their schools.

These exams are conducted in two modes – online and offline. Online exams are conducted with a vision to promote online learning where students will be able to take up exams from any corner of the world.

Olympiads are all about bringing out the best in children. They are basically conducted with an aim to test the Analytical thinking, Logical reasoning and Problem-solving skills among the students. With these exams students are given an opportunity to showcase their talent at a national level platform.

The curriculum of the Olympiad that has been set is simply the interface of concepts that are taught in the classroom with their applications. This makes the student think and come up with a solution to every problem. With the clarity of concepts and the ability to solve the questions on his own, it boasts the student’s confidence. This mind of lateral thinking will let him broaden his horizon of learning. Exposure to national level competition will help the student experience the competition that exists throughout the country.

The competition students face in school is limited. Once the student completes his class 10, the tougher journey of life begins. Students will be participating in various national level exams like JEE, NEET and UPSC. It becomes important for the students to be able to handle the pressure. Taking up national level Olympiads will help student prepare for the exams knowing the amount of hard work he will have to put in to clear the exams. Taking up Olympiads at a young age will also help the student build a solid foundation for his future endeavors.

With various Organizations conducting these exams, Indian Talent Organization has been one of the best among them. It was established in the year 2012 by few of the leading academician and scientists of the country. With over 31,573 school being registered with the ITO, Millions of students participate to excel in their field of choice, with the support of more than 7 lakh teachers in conducting the examination, it is safe to say Indian Talent Olympiad is the best choice for every student. Education is the best gift that a child can get. Nothing great has ever been achieved by being average and doing good at Olympiads will make you stand out from the crowd.