What is Olympiad?

Olympiads are exams that are conducted throughout the country that lets students compete with other students on a similar education level. These exams are conducted by multiple organizations, the Indian Talent Olympiad being one of the well-established among them. The aim of conducting these examinations is to promote Science, Mathematics, Computer education and English skills among children of all age groups. Over the years the organization has stressed to help students analyze their strengths and weaknesses by providing them with a platform through these examinations, with the objective of identifying and nurturing student talent for better academic results. These examinations are conducted for students from class 1 to class 10 at their schools.


Olympiads test Reasoning, Knowledge and Understanding skills among children. It helps the child to think differently, to come up with a solution in his own unique way. The child might be having a hidden talent for problem-solving and analytical thinking, when he takes up exams like these, it gives him an opportunity to explore himself, helps him know what his real skills are. It also helps his parents to figure out what their child’s strong points are, helps them know where the child’s talent lies. This lets the parents nurture their child in the right direction at a young age itself. These kinds of examinations make learning fun for the children. When learning gets interactive and interesting, the child will be able to put in his best efforts, it also gives him the confidence to try something new without the fear of failure.


Basically, the aim of conducting these examinations is to provide the children with a competitive platform where they get an opportunity to showcase their hidden talents. It helps teachers and parents to identify the future Scientists, Technologists, Entrepreneurs, Leaders along with a dozen more professions at a young age. With 31,573 schools being registered with the Indian talent Olympiad across India, Taking up these examinations is the right path towards a child’s growth.