What is Olympiad and Why Should I Take it?

By Tushar On April 24, 2020

The world of education has witnessed a lot of drastic changes in the recent years. Right from rote learning to emphasis on concept-based learning, theoretical approach to practical training and self-learning to e-learning, all of these changes have brought a new approach to teaching. Thanks to technological developments, these changes have been rapidly adopted by the existing education system in and around the word. Schools include advanced teaching methodologies and better instructional material to ensure that learning takes place at optimum levels. Along with these developments, many schools have introduced students to the concept of Olympiad exams. Before we begin, it is important to understand what is Olympiad, its benefits, syllabus, books and results.


What is Olympiad exam?

Olympiad exams are competitive exams conducted by several organizations in India. It provides a platform for students from different boards and schools to compete with one another at national levels. Some of the subjects for Olympiad exams include English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, General Knowledge, Art, Essay and Spelling. The syllabus for these exams are the same as prescribed by respective schools. Teachers often believe that students who prepare for Olympiad exams are able to score more in their school exams. The topics for both these exams are the same. However, Olympiads make students delve deeper into concepts. It aims at giving a strong foundation to students on the basis of which they can build their careers.

Several organizations in India conduct Olympiad exams. Out of those, Indian Talent Olympiad is one of the trusted names in the country. Schools from different boards have collaborated with this organization to be able to conduct Olympiad exams. There are several CBSE, ICSE, State board and even international boards who have registered for the same. Students can get in touch with their subject teacher or class teacher for details on the exam. They can opt for all or any subject of their choice. It is important for schools to register themselves before they can allow students to participate in Olympiads. Once this is done, the center provides brochures, prospectus, and other details such as exam date, syllabus, study material and so on. Olympiad exam dates are scheduled keeping in mind school exams so that they do not collide with one another.


Where can I find Olympiad books?

Organizations that conduct Olympiad exams provide study material. These are available in the form of workbooks, mock tests, practice papers and previous years’ question papers. The books are developed by educationists and professionals who are experts in different fields. Most Olympiad exams are conducted in two levels. Students who qualify the first level are promoted to the next level. Olympiad books are available for both these levels. The books provide in-depth knowledge on topics covered in class. Olympiad exams are conducted using multiple choice question format. Therefore, the books contain mainly multiple choice questions with options. It also provides answers to the question and explanation for correct answer.

These books enable self-study among students. The comprehensive set of workbooks and practice papers help students to prepare and score well in academics. Students today require something much more than taught in class. They must be encouraged to explore content from different resources. This leads to a dedicated self-learning process, which plays a crucial role in their careers.


How to do I find Olympiad results?

Results of Olympiad exams appear online. Students who are registered for these exams can check by enrolling their roll number in the given sections on the organization’s website. None of the Olympiad organizations entertain any third party to share or show results of the exam. Also, it is not shared through email or SMS. Students have to individually login to the website to check their results. All organizations ensure transparency in result notification. Students can even get in touch with their respective subject teacher to know more about results. Most Olympiad centers award rank holders with exciting cash prizes, scholarships and medals. Some of them announce National ranks, State ranks, and even School ranks. Olympiad results are often a proud moment for not only the child but also the school. It brings laurels to the institution in which he/she is a part of. Indian Talent Olympiad recognizes the effort of Teachers as well as Principles for motivating students to participate in these exams. Olympiad exams have become the future of todays’ education system. It is sure to go a long way in nurturing young minds, identifying potential talent and bringing the best out of each child.