What is Science Olympiad?

What is Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad is an initiative for the students from class 1 to class 10 to showcase their talent and knowledge in science at an international level platform. It tests the conceptual and practical knowledge related to the subject and prepares the student to face the challenges that are to come up in the modern competitive world. Indian Talent Olympiad conducts one of the best and most proficient Science Olympiads at both national and international level that nurtures aspiring young talent.

The Indian Talent Olympiad team that conducts this olympiad consists of various professional from multiple science fields who understand the requirement of students and design the exam model particularly. The questions are basically based on applied science.

The changing of day into night, the changing of weather from summer to winter, the rotation and revolution of earth, infact if there is anything happening around us, the reason is Science. And studying science helps us understand the reason for the happening of the same.

As our world is becoming more focused on science and technology, it becomes important for the student to be prepared to keep up with the demand and scientific skills that are needed. The knowledge of science should be acquired by the student, since science lets the see the world through the senses and they will be able to build their own idea about how the world works.

Everything students learn at school is not limited to school only. It becomes important for the student to explore what he has learnt. Similarly, the scope of science olympiad isn't limited to things learnt at school. It prepares the student for future competitive exams. The student’s performance in science olympiad will simultaneously help him improve his academic performance too. It will sharpen the student’s thinking and learning skill.

Science makes kids smarter and curious about things happening in their life. Scientific knowledge will let the student create technology and it will also help him use it to change the world. Science helps in improving the logical thinking of the students and allows him to create a career path for himself. That is exactly why science is treated as an important subject at schools.

The curriculum that the Indian Talent Olympiad has set for the science olympiad is based on the student’s existing school curriculum. The questions asked in the science olympiads are simply the applications of concepts learnt at school. These exams will simply act as an additional practice for the students. International Science Olympiad (ISO) is open for students from class 1 to class 10. These exams teach scientific concepts in the most practical ways to the students.

Students of class 1 are introduced to the most basic concepts such as plants, animals, human body, good habits, earth, sky, nature, oceans etc. As the students get promoted to higher classes, the content and complexity of the subject gradually increases. Teachers believe that when students are enrolled in olympiads at a young age, they develop a good command of different subjects. Science Olympiad is the base to future scientific revolutionaries and training them at a young age becomes equally important.