Why Are Olympiad Exams Important For Students?

By Tushar On May 30, 2020

What Are Olympiad Exams?

 Olympiad exams are competitive exams held at National and International Levels. Such exams are conducted by various non-profit and private organizations. These exams are based on existing school board syllabus. Exams which are considered as burden, proves to be helpful in improving students’ academic scores. Indian Talent Olympiad is one of the well-known organizations that conduct such competitive exams across India. Its major aim is to provide a platform for young minds where they can compete with one another at national and international level. These exams tap the real potential of the students. The exam pattern of these exams is constructed in such a way that a child finds it easy to read and grasp the concept quickly without any difficulty. Olympiad winners at national and international level get unique recognition as they represent their country. This achievement is considered valuable worldwide. It keeps students motivated and teaches them to survive in today’s competitive world. Hence, the academic performance of a student is enhanced.

There are many competitive exams for subject like Science, Mathematics, English, General Knowledge, Social Studies, etc. Apart from the academic subjects, there is competitive for Computer subject too. Let’s scroll down to check out for more information about this exam.

How It Benefits Students?

                With computer education, students learn about the world. Computer education helps in improving research skills. Through Internet one can research on various different topics and gain knowledge from. Students are given school projects to search information on particular topics they don’t know about. Abundant information is added when a student learns to browse on internet and collect information. Computer education also benefits in many different ways. Along with learning it is necessary to test how much we have understood. Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO) lends a hand to students and encourages them to showcase their talent on a big platform. While competing other students on such a big platform, the confidence level of a student increases and he / she puts in more efforts in improving his / her knowledge. Also fear of exams is removed from the students. Special awards and recognitions are given to the winners and the top performers. This keeps students encouraged and stay motivated which helps to boost their confidence in future exams.

What Is International Computer Olympiad (ICO) ?

International Computer Olympiad (ICO) is a competitive exam introduced with a motive to make students more familiar with modern technology. As we all know that computers have become an integral part modern world. It has become important for everyone to have basic knowledge of computer. Students nowadays are more technology savvy and are interested in learning new interesting things. Computer education helps in improvising the existing knowledge of the students and make them future ready. They become quick learners by mastering in computer skills. Also, it becomes very easy for students to walk along and adapt new technology. ICO encourages students to add new things about computers in their knowledge. Students by learning computer education develop better learning abilities. Since, computers are used in almost every field and therefore it has become important to have necessary knowledge about computers.

This exam has questions in multiple choice question formats, where students need to think logically and answer each and every question by choosing the appropriate answer. The concepts and the topics are designed under the supervision of subject experts. Learning is made easy as this exam follows both pictorial and practical method to convey information. The number of question varies from grades to grades. The level of difficulty also increases as the student move on to the higher standard / class. It is very easy to take part in such Olympiad Exams. Students can register from their respective schools and enroll their name. Student from class 1 to 10 can enroll their name with their in-charge teacher. For preparation, students can refer the study materials that are made available to them. Practicing from workbooks and previous year question papers would prove to be of great help in the process of preparing for exams. Find out more details about other competitive exams on the official website of Indian Talent Olympiad.