Why do we need Olympiad exam?


Olympiad exams are conducted for the students of class 1 to class 10 to promote Mathematics, Science, Computer Education, Art, English and General Knowledge skills among children at a young age itself. Basically, the curriculum in schools set by the boards is to deliver basic knowledge regarding multiple subjects. To develop Analytical skills, Reasoning skills and Focused learning, taking up Olympiad exams turns out to be the best option.


Competition these days has been getting tough at the school level itself, it becomes necessary for students to be prepared mentally and emotionally for the challenges that are coming their way. Gone are the days when scoring well in academics would prove the child’s intelligence. A child who is not good at mathematics can be good at art or vice-versa. That is exactly why we need a competitive platform to help the child discover his field of interest.

These exams are conducted nationally and internationally, this also helps the child to have an idea of the competition that is around him. It motivates him to work harder so that he doesn’t end up lagging behind. These exams provide an absolute assessment of students’ knowledge on the particular subject and motivate them towards academic improvement.


While preparing for Olympiads, the student will gain additional knowledge in the particular subject apart from the school curriculum. Constant brainstorming will help keep his mind healthy and active. It helps the child to sharpen his skills. It will help him stand out in the crowd, increase his confidence to raise the bar in his school and showcase his talent.

Every parent wants to watch his child achieve great heights at what he or she is good at. They want their child to be independent and to be happy and satisfied with what they are doing. It becomes the responsibility of the parent to help them identify his passion and support him in pursuing it. Taking up exams like Olympiad, where exams on multiple subjects are conducted, helps the parent identify their child’s ability and potential. Every child has his/her own set of unique skills. The present generation values art as much as it values academic excellence so, it becomes important for the parent to identify and support their child in whatever field he chooses to excel at.

The sheer aim of the Indian Talent Olympiad to conduct these examinations is to build aptitude in young learners, Encourage their learning in different subjects. When the child is given a logical reasoning question, it makes him think. He thinks of a way to differently solve the problem on his own. When a child learns to get a solution for the problem given, it gives him the confidence to try and fail. Nobody has ever achieved anything without failing.


Olympiads are challenging but it is necessary for every child to have a competitive spirit. The exposure that the Olympiads give to the child helps him build his personality, helps him construct his future. It will always keep aspiring him to work harder, to get better, to try and be the best at what he does.