Why online test series before attempting online Olympiad?

Online Test Series For Olympiad Preparation

Education plays a great role in future of many, allowing them to have a secure life. In today’s time, everyone strives to achieve their dreams and work hard for their goals, all one needs are proper resources and suitable guidance to help them develop a better and in-depth understanding of topics that interests them.

It is in order to meet this need a plethora of educational methods have cropped up and one can make use of these to perform well, but the sheer multitude of said resources can be overwhelming also it might not be suited for all, hence comes into play a better method that has gained much recognition in the recent years- Olympiad exams.

Olympiads happen to be quite tough but equally rewarding and hence sought after. These exams happen to be quite subject-specific and are organized at various levels, starting from the school all the way to international levels. The students get to put their knowledge and understanding to the test and thereby improve and gain for their meritorious performance.
Participating in such an exam is quite the learning experience, but to prevent the students from being overwhelmed, it is often advised that they appear for mock tests or test series to prepare for the exam so that they can come out with flying colors.

The Indian Talent Olympiad happens to be one of the best known Olympiad Organizing bodies all across the nation, for eight-plus years now, the organization has worked with millions of schools and over 36000 schools, to provide the young minds with an opportunity to present their skills, win exciting rewards and be inspired to pursue their dreams in fields of their interest.


The Indian Talent Olympiad offers the eight following exams for the students to choose from:

•    The International Science Olympiad (ISO) – The test is for student’s interested in the field of sciences, it helps to add to their existing knowledge in the fields of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, besides providing them with a better understanding and insight about the subject and what they might have to work with, should they choose the subject and proceed in the field to make it into a career. 


•    The International Maths Olympiad (IMO) - The Olympiad is for the enthusiasts of Maths, as well as students willing to improve in the subject The subject requires dedication, the input of effort and good use of the available educational resources, it can greatly help improve a student’s overall performance, making this Olympiad one of the most sought after tests.


•    The English International Olympiad (EIO) -  The recent times have seen an increase in the usage of English, it has become a global language, for it is very lucid and can be easily learnt hence is greatly in demand. It is due to this, that language has become an important subject in a student’s curriculum. The English International Olympiad (EIO) also happens to be much sought-after. The students get to improve upon their grasp of the language and work upon the basic vocabulary and grammatical skills. The test aims to help students gain proficiency in the language.


•    The General Knowledge International Olympiad (GKIO) – The GK Olympiad is suited for the general knowledge enthusiast, it puts one’s knowledge about the world around them, to test. The aim of the exam is to help students become all-rounders. the exam covers current affairs beside a vast variety of topics thereby helping the students keep up-to-date with the developments going on around the world.


•    The International Computer Olympiad (ICO) - The Olympiad has been put in place to test a student’s understanding and knowledge associated with the field of computer and informatics, to help them develop a better understanding of the same, since in this era of rapid digitalization of basic activities require one to develop a basic knowledge of technology and its related usage.


•    The International Drawing Olympiad (IDO) – ITO values the all-around development of a student, believing that it helps them go a long way, hence the IDO aims to put one’s skill of drawing and associated knowledge to the test. The students get to learn, grow and develop with due practice which greatly contributes to them having a better imagination and sharpness for they get to express and put their ideas into a form such that it can be perceived.


•    The National Essay Olympiad (NESO) – the National Essay Olympiad (NESO) is an essay writing exam. Essay writing is considered to be one of the most useful skills to have for one. It requires the knowledge of various subjects and a proper grasp of the language with a proper structural knowledge and decent vocabulary. This Olympiad is for the students, it allows them to test their skills in language and storytelling which makes the exam all the more interesting and fuels a child’s inner creativity.


•    The National Social Studies Olympiad (NSSO) – The Olympiads put to test the student’s knowledge associated with the subjects of History, Geography and Civics. Conducted annually this test helps the students add to their knowledge besides aiding their growth and development all the same.
The Olympiads are conducted class wise, open to students of classes 1-10, the syllabus of these exams happen to be at par with students’ regular academics. Registrations for the same are now open, more information associated to which can be found on the official website of ITO.

Related to the mentioned subjects, the Indian Talent Olympiad has put out a series of monthly Olympiads, one can also opt to prepare and participate in the mock and trail exams, conducted before the actual exams, available classes wise and for all subjects, the benefits related to these are:

•    It helps the students develop a habit of appearing for these exams.

•    It eases one into the process,

•    It provides the students with an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the examination process.

•    One can get an idea of the paper pattern and marks distribution,

•    It can help one gauge their preparation.

•    Students learn about exam etiquette and get an opportunity to mentally prepare themselves for the process.

•    It can prevent one from being overwhelmed.


The students are hence advised to opt for test series and mock tests before appearing for the main exam and improve their opportunities at scoring well in the test.

The registrations for the offline exams are still open. Visit the official website of ITO to gather more information regarding the same.

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