Why parents should encourage their children to register for Olympiad?

By Tushar on October 17, 2020 In olympiad exams

Encourage students to participate in Olympiad Exam

Olympiad are competitive exams conducted by foundations across the country and also abroad. These examinations are based on the school curriculum of CBSE, ICSE and respective state boards. They provide a vast platform for students to explore and enjoy various subjects like Mathematics, Science, English, General Knowledge, Computer, Drawing, Social Studies and more. Since today times have become much more competitive, the students are not assessed just on the basis of grades or marks, they are judged for their overall development with various parameters that focusses on their skills, functional abilities, reasoning and problem-solving skills etc. It also provides a great way to network from a younger age whereby students can meet and interact with other students from all over the country or world and share their knowledge on an international level as well.

Here are some of the best reasons why you should encourage your child to register for Olympiad:


  • Discover hidden strengths & talents: Often, it may happen that parents have a certain inclination for a subject in which they might be working in or have knowledge in and presume that their child will also like the same subject and perform well in that. But it does not always happen like that as your child might have a hidden strength or talent in some other subject of his or her choice. Olympiad provides an opportunity to the parents to discover and recognize these talents so that it can be nurtured in the right manner at State, National and International level.
  • Encourages Critical & Analytical Thinking: The purpose of Olympiad is to inspire students to think one concept in various different forms. This in turn encourages them to go beyond the classroom and apply these concepts in real life which is crucial to develop critical and analytical thinking in the child. It also helps to test the understanding level of the concepts and analyse the level of knowledge that the students have acquired with their preparations.
  • Offers Exposure at National & International Level: As a parent if you register your child for Olympiad, you can be rest assured that you are going to provide them with a great exposure at a global level. If they perform well, they will gain invaluable experience and also get an opportunity to be mentored under renowned experts from their field. As a student, they will get introduced to new avenues and get accustomed to face new challenges in life.
  • Boosts Confidence & Drives Motivation: Children don’t lack smartness or intelligence; all they lack at times is motivation. By enrolling your child in an Olympiad program, you can open new avenues for them by motivating them to challenge themselves and strive harder to make their performance better especially in Science and Maths. Furthermore, appearing for Olympiad inspires logical thinking and show them the right path for developing their career and life in future.
  • Enhancement of Memory Power: Preparing for Olympiad studies involves a lot of thinking and analyzing and requires the student to do brainstorming in order to find out the right answer. It leverages the students potential when they register to apply for exams like International Science Olympiad (ISO), International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO, English International Olympiad (EIO), General Knowledge International Olympiad (GKIO), International Computer Olympiad (ICO) and more.
  • Early start to build a successful career: Since Olympiad introduces your child to a world beyond book-based knowledge, they are also made to face competitions from a very young age as each student is talented as the other. Hence the earlier they come across such competitive scenarios so that they become accustomed to overcome them and can build a successful career professionally.
  • Acquire Additional Knowledge: Students who appear for Olympiad examinations acquire additional knowledge about the topics that they are taught in the school because they develop vast knowledge while studying and preparing for these exams. They learn multiple methods that are effective to approach and solve one problem and hence gain additional knowledge on every subject.
  • Preparation for future competitive exams: As we mentioned before, an early start can open multiple ways for your child to know his or her talents and unleash them so that they know which stream of studies or profession is best suited to them. Nowadays every career requires students to give entrance exams which are a mix of general knowledge, logical reasoning, English comprehension etc. and is a must to get admission in most of the top courses or colleges of your choice.
  • Recognition to boost morale: Every child loves to get noticed, appreciated and rewarded whenever they perform good in studies, extra-curricular activities like sports, music or crafts or may be some other artistic performance. Similarly, if they get rewards, certificate of appreciation with their name on it, medals and exposure to present themselves and their talents at global level, they will get mental and emotional satisfaction which will boost their morale.
  • Ensures overall development: After participating in Olympiad, the overall basic understanding for the subject of the student will improve and his or her personality, attitude, problem-solving skills, analytical and logical reasoning abilities will all see a significant change as they are exposed to not just the theoretical but all practical aspects of the particular subjects. This kind of exams helps to nurture the competitive spirit of the students in a healthy manner and acts as a stepping stone to prepare all future competitive entrance exams which are mandatory for making a career in medical, engineering, banking & finance, science, civil services etc.

Getting exposure to challenges like Olympiads develops a sense of confidence in the students and also helps to shape up their personality as a strong and positive individual. It helps them to nurture a competitive spirit in themselves enabling them to perform better in all aspects of their life. With so many new age career options available today, parents must become open-minded to understand and accept that their child may not be able to excel in a particular subject or stream, but might do exceptionally well in some other field in which he or she is being gifted with a different skillset. Hence, it is essential for parents to come forward and encourage their children to participate in competitive exams like from a very young age so that they can identify their child’s raw talents and work on the same to help them grow it further and excel in them.