Why you should attempt Olympiad Sample Question paper before appearing for the olympiad exams?

By Tushar On September 12, 2020 In olympiad exams

Prepare with Previous year question papers

Every child is blessed with unique skills and talents. Understanding and honing them at an early level makes them prepared for future competitive challenges in life. Olympiad exams are one of the crucial preparatory exams conducted in India that provides a platform to the school students to present their knowledge and talent at a state, national and international level.

Students from various states starting from Class 1 to 10 participate in Olympiad Exams every year to test their talent and competitive skills at various levels. These exams are organized by various by various profit and non-profit organizations based on the existing school syllabus. The major aim of this is to prepare the budding minds in various core subjects like International Science Olympiad (ISO), International Maths Olympiad (IMO), English International Olympiad (EIO) , General Knowledge International Olympiad (GKIO), International Computer Olympiad (ICO), International Drawing Olympiad (IDO) etc. to find out and nurture their hidden talent to succeed in further challenging exams. However, to excel in these exams, it essential to have a concrete and thorough preparation that can help the students to qualify the exams with flying colors for a bright future ahead.


We often come across kids who are otherwise excellent and outstanding in their academics but tend to get nervous at the last moment and are not able to handle pressure. This happens due to lack of practice and preparation. Solving previous Olympiad sample papers plays a big role along with hard-work, dedication and overall effort.


There are multiple reasons why every student who is aiming to appear for Olympiad exams must take the sample question papers while they are preparing for it. Some of the major benefits of preparation for Olympiads with comprehensive mock test papers are:

  1. Thorough Understanding of the Concepts: To be an outstanding performer at the Olympiad exams, it is essential to acquire additional knowledge and have a clear and in-depth understanding of each concept of the subject. Not just in Olympiad, but question paper of previous always proves to be a saviour for any exam at any level as this gives you a fair idea of what kind of pattern is followed. In case of Olympiads, most of the questions are based on application of mind which is not only intended to test the knowledge of the student in a certain concept but also to analyze their understanding in application of the concept.
  2. Additional Practice for More Confidence: With extra practice and clarity of concepts, students become more confident in appearing and scoring well for the exams. It also makes it easier for them to outperform in their school exams and other competitive exams.
  3. Inculcates Analytical and Logical Thinking: Olympiad exams are formulated to test the skills of the students at all levels that includes analytical, logical, problem-solving, observing, writing, speaking, listening, communications, reasoning and more. By practicing such question papers, students can get acquainted with these skills and also develop them to expand their aptitude skills to help them for future exam preparations.
  4. Better Your Academic Grades: It is a general belief that ability and intelligence can grow and be sharpened with persistent efforts. Hence, students appearing for Olympiads also get a great boost to understand the concepts in their school syllabus in a better and broader way. Since the Olympiad question papers include a lot of other generic questions apart from the regular syllabus, it also prepares the student to analyze and perform better in their overall academic career and score outstanding grades.
  5. Great Motivation for Main Exams: If you attempt and do well in practice question papers, it is automatically bound to push you to do more and keep you motivated. You also get to know the areas you need to improve on and thereby can put more efforts in sharpening your skills with more study and practice.
  6. Learn Time Management: Attempting mock test papers points out the strengths and weaknesses of the students which helps them to do proper time management and schedule more time on areas they need to improve. With this they can have their study calendar in place, complete their entire syllabus and revisions on time and have extra time for last moment preparations if any.
  7. Planning the approach: Planning or strategizing a streamlined approach to attempt the entire paper is the trick to crack and score well in any examination. Picking up and answering questions in random might make the student lose time and leave out on important questions. Hence once you are prepared with a dedicated approach you can keep yourself calm and successfully attempt the entire paper.
  8. Excellent Preparation for Competitive ExamsOlympiad exams contain syllabus that are a core of all the other competitor exams in the world for students aspiring to be future engineers, doctors, scientists, researchers, management gurus etc. Students can learn and hone their potential on basis of this to prepare for advance level of competitive exams and more.

Participating in Olympiad Exams is very crucial for the overall career development and growth of every student. This helps them to learn the subjects in their school in an interesting manner which in turn makes them think logically and analytically and strengthen their reasoning aptitudes. Mock test papers are the best way to be familiar with the type of question paper patterns and utilize the time in an efficient and organized manner. As the famous proverb goes – ‘Practice makes a man perfect’; hence continuous practice for students is the only key to learn everything and be successful at it.