GK Olympiad Mock Test Online Class 1

The General Knowledge Olympiad is open to students of class 1. It being the earliest of standards, multiple resources are made available to help the student perform better in the exam. Besides the workbooks, there are GK Olympiad Mock Test Online Class, GK Olympiad 1st Level Mock Test Class 1 and GK Olympiad 2nd Level Mock Test Class 1 respectively, for the students to actively practice for each round of the Olympiad, one needs to clear level one to be eligible to appear for level two. These mock tests are available on to the students for free upon enrolling for the exam. It helps them practice a lot and get a feel for the exam, the question pattern, variety, marks distribution time management, skills important for them to perform better in the exams, apart from this, the mock tests also help the students get used to the exam environment and helps them cope better with probable exam pressure, which when overcome helps them greatly, these that are highly suggested to hence be availed before the exam.