GK Questions for Class 1

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts General Knowledge (GK) Olympiad for class 1. It is indeed a great opportunity for students of class 1 to participate in this exam. This is the right time when students must be indulged in extracurricular subjects such as general knowledge. Class 1 students are about the age of five or six, just out of kindergarten. It helps them to develop knowledge from a young age. GK questions for class 1 are interesting and fun to solve. It not only helps to build awareness but also improves their vocabulary. This is one of the most attention-grabbing subjects of Olympiads. The subject arouses interest and curiosity among all participants. Students from all boards can participate in this exam. Thus, ICSE, State board and CBSE GK questions for class 1 aim to add more information to existing knowledge among all students.

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts GK exam using the online platform. It allows students to participate in monthly Olympiads and even Annual Olympiads. The monthly Olympiads are conducted on every 4th Saturday of the month. Students are given 30 minutes to solve 25 variety questions. These exams act as good practice sessions before the main exam. The organization provides general knowledge workbooks and previous year’s question papers for practice. These books can be purchased from the website. The workbooks are rich with GK questions for class 1 with answers. The questions asked for grade 1 may seem simple for us, but they are new to our children. With each question students learn something new thus broadening their thinking horizon.

The topics for class 1 are basic information such as surroundings, plants, animals, entertainment, science, current affairs and so on. The idea behind conducting this exam is to allow students explore the world in which they live. Students who attempt the GK exam build intellectual knowledge. Children of grade 1 are very curious. Such curious minds must be let free to explore at their own will. Students find Indian Talent Olympiad’s exam a fun thing to be engaged at.

Schools can register their students for this exam online. Visit https://www.indiantalent.org/olympiad-exam-registration for allowing your students to be a part of these exams. Individual students can also register for annual Olympiads using the same link. Fill up all the details given in the link and get started. The annual Olympiads timetable are displayed on the website. For thorough practice before this exam, and to become thorough in different topics, students must register themselves for monthly Olympiads. Here, students will be allowed to practice as many questions as they want. GK questions for class 1 focuses on progressive learning and development of children. This exam aims to bring the best foot forward. At the same time it is an opportunity for all students to groom themselves since a young age. To participate in the monthly Olympiads please visit https://www.indiantalent.org/student-olympiad-login.

Indian Talent Olympiad’s GK books are designed keeping children in the center of learning. Referring to Olympiad books, students can experience the joy of knowing the world in which they live. They get a chance to step in nature, learn fun facts about science, play with numbers, see how computers have changed the world and thus become smart leaders of tomorrow. This exam is aimed to develop good learning habits among all students.