How to Participate in GK Olympiad | ITO

General awareness and the knowledge of what goes around one, is often a useful knowledge to have, the Olympiad focuses on the overall development of the child’s skills in various fields, mentioned below are the facts related to “how to participate in GK Olympiad”:

  • The Olympiad is set up in an MCQ format to help students get used to competitive exam patterns.
  • One can register at the official website quite easily, at a mere cost of Rs 150. ITO Register Now Button
  • Students from classes 1-10 can appear for the exam.
  • Willing individuals as well as schools can register for the Olympiad exam.
  • Offline as well as online exams are available for schools, required criteria is available on the website, while individuals can appear online via digital means.
  • Educational resources as workbooks, and question papers are made available on the official site itself to help students.
  • One can choose to appear for the test monthly or annually based upon their convenience.
  • Students can appear regardless of school boards.
  • Meritorious students win themselves various prizes and rewards as scholarships tablets, laptops, etc.
  • All students are awarded certificates.

The registration for the Olympiads is now open. More information is available at: General Knowledge International Olympiad