How to Participate in Maths IMO Olympiad | ITO

The International Maths Olympiad IMO is one of the most prestigious exams held by Indian Talent Organization across the nation for Maths enthusiast. Willing to know how to participate in Maths IMO Olympiad, here are some pointers:

  • International Maths Olympiads are held both monthly and annually, organized by the Indian Talent Olympiad Organization.
  • Any student from class 1 to 10, irrespective of school board can apply for the test.
  • One can register for the test via school or individually.
  • Online as well as offline tests are available for schools, while, individuals can avail the tests from the comfort of their home through devices as tablets, mobiles and laptops
  • The students can register on the official  site for a minimal amount- ITO Register Now Button
  • The exams are based on MCQ format.
  • The slots for exams are also flexible depending upon students requirements.(applicable online examination only)
  • Students who are participating through school and chose offline examination will not be having any slot to choose.
  • Previous years questions and workbooks are made available on the site to help the students understand their subject better.
  • Exciting awards, are made available to the meritorious students, certificates are available for all participating students.
  • Maths requires dedicated practice and efforts and the Olympiad helps one improve on the subject and help student in overall academics as well.

Want to participate or know more, visit:International Maths Olympiad