How to Prepare for English Olympiad

The English International Olympiad (IEO) is one of the best exams to improve language skills. This exam helps students to master basic grammar and sentence structures. The emphasis is to inculcate excellent language abilities among all participants. Students often wonder how to participate in the English Olympiad. You can follow simple instructions to excel in this exam.

- Understand the curriculum and get acquainted with the syllabus. The English Olympiad syllabus is displayed on our website, you can visit the page to know and compare the syllabus

- Practice according to the recent question papers. Our website is up-to-date with recent changes.

- Purchase Indian Talent Olympiad’s English Olympiad workbook from our website - Eglish Olympiad Buy Books Button

- Practice previous year’s question paper sets, these sets can also be purchased from our website. It would give you a fair idea on the type of questions asked such as subjective, logical reasoning and higher order of thinking.

- Participate in the online monthly Olympiads by registering yourself here - English Olympiad Register Now Button

These are online exams that provide extensive practice on different type of questions. You will get a good knowledge on the variety of questions asked from different chapters.

- Read as much as possible as it would give you a fair idea about language and sentence structures.

- Use the phrases that are part of Olympiad workbooks in daily lives. You may form new sentences learnt in the Olympiads and use the same in other school tests.


Languages are mastered only when they are practiced. Whether it is speaking or writing one can develop these skills over time. Indian Talent Olympiad’s monthly Olympiad is one of the most trusted and diagnostic preparation tool that helps to practice for annual Olympiads. Participate in the online tests and prepare well for the upcoming exams.