How to Prepare for Maths IMO Olympiad

The International Maths Olympiad (IMO) is a well-known exam conducted at national and international levels. This exam holds utmost importance in all students’ lives. Maths being one of the most important exams acts as the foundation for future competitions. Mathematical abilities must be built in all children since a young age. It helps them to solve any difficult problem at any examination they participate in the future. This exam helps to fight fear of mathematics. Students overcome apprehensions they may have in this subject. The syllabus for the IMO exam is the same as prescribed by all the leading boards in the country. The questions are as per the ICSE, CBSE and State boards and framed as per concepts taught in class. The only difference here is that the complexity of these exams are a little higher as compared to school exams. Students must practice variety of questions in order to crack the IMO exam. At Indian Talent Olympiad, we are here to help you with some tips that may answer your question of: how to prepare for Maths IMO Olympiad.

- Dedicate separate time for different chapters

- Prepare a routine to prepare for the exam

- Understand Maths Olympiad syllabus and get to know what is asked in the exam

- Purchase Indian Talent Olympiad’s Maths Olympiad workbooks and sample paper sets

- Understand the level of difficulty of each question to practice accordingly

- Practice different questions from the logical reasoning section

- Identify difficult formulae and practice for those individually

- Practice variety of word problems by referring to different study material by Indian Talent Olympiad

- Track your progress, check how many questions you could attempt correctly within the given time limit



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Good practice, motivation, and the right kind of study material will help escalate your confidence and hence will help you to prepare for the International Maths Olympiad (IMO) exam.