How to Prepare for Science Olympiad

The International Science Olympiad (ISO) is one of the best exams conducted at national and international levels to test scientific aptitude among all participants. Indian Talent Olympiad conducts this exam for all students from class 1 to class 10. Students from different schools and different boards can take part in this exam. The syllabus is the same as prescribed by schools, thus the Science Olympiad acts as additional practice on the same topics that are taught in school. The exam is conducted in 2 levels using the multiple choice format. Students are given four options out of which they have to select one correct option, the other three being distractors. The most important factor to succeed and score well in this exam is preparing for all the topics.


If you are still wondering how to prepare for Science Olympiad, you are at the right place. Here, we will be sharing some of the approaches to fare well and crack the International Science Olympiad (ISO).

- Understand the syllabus

- Practice different kinds of questions

- Practice previous year’s sample papers

- Revise concepts as much as possible

- Understand the pattern of the exam

- Understand the type of questions with varying level of difficulty

- Ask for help

- Get familiar with the pattern

- Manage your time well

- Stay motivated

- Make deliberate and committed efforts to practice for the exam


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The International Science Olympiad (ISO) is not difficult to crack but requires students to be well aware of the syllabus and practice different questions. Indian Talent Olympiad’s ISO exam prepares students for school exams too.