How to Prepare for Social Olympiad

The National Social Studies Olympiad (NSSO) is an important exam for students who want to improve their knowledge on history, geography, civics and political science. Students often wonder how to participate for Social Olympiad. Students must understand that the syllabus for the NSSO exam is exactly as prescribed by schools. No matter which board the school is affiliated the questions are almost from the same topic. It gives them a good idea about the various topics that they can study for this exams. Some other tips are listed below.

  1. Understand the syllabus – The social Olympiad focuses on topics such as culture, economics, and politics apart from the ones mentioned before. Here, students learn global and societal concerns that helps them in other competitions. This exam forms the base to clear other competitive exams such as the IAS, IPS and other exams. Students who participate in the Social Olympiad get to know things about the community.
  2. Divide the syllabus into different topics – It becomes easy when students have a fair understanding of different topics. Maintain different notebooks for different subjects so that revision becomes easy.
  3. Read the newspaper – Social Studies is one subject where they may have recent developments. Also, it is a good habit to read the newspaper and be acquainted with the current happenings.
  4. Practice and revise – The more you practice, the better you become in any subject and the same holds true for the Social Olympiad. Before the annual Olympiad, revise the topics that you have learnt.

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The Social Olympiad has its own benefits that helps students to develop their intellect and become better citizens of tomorrow.