International Science Olympiad ISO Answer Sheet

Indian Talent Olympiad believes in maintaining transparency at levels while conducting Olympiad exams. After all national and international competitions must ensure that students perform using all fair means of practices. The Science Olympiad answer sheet is provided to all registered students to understand how this sheet looks like. It is an OMR sheet that is scanned through the computer. There are simple details that students need to fill in this sheet. On the top right of the sheet write Student’s Name and on the top left write Parent’s Name.

Next, write the school code and colour the proper circles starting with the correct alphabets and numbers written above. Write your class, and color the correct number given below. Students can use a dark HB pencil or a blue/black ball point pen. Do not tick or put any other mark in the circle. Colour the appropriate circle as applicable. The OMR sheet mentions details about the correct way to color the circle. Select subject, gender, grade, mobile number and color the proper numbers apart from writing in legible handwriting.

The section where you find ‘Mark you answer sheet with HB Pencil/ ball pen is the place where you will start answering the questions after looking at the question paper The OMR sheet will have the question number and against each question number, you will find four options listed as A, B, C and D. Select the correct option against the question and colour the appropriate option. At the end of the answer sheet, you will find a box Student Signature. All participants will have to sign in this box.

The next page of the Science Olympiad answer sheet will have details such as residence address, city, state, pin code, phone, and email address. The instructions for using the answer sheet is given at the end. Students and parents must read the instructions thoroughly, understand what is expected and accordingly use the OMR sheet.


Check Science Olympiad Answer Sheet

Science Olympiad Answer Sheet