English Monthly Olympiad Syllabus

The English monthly Olympiad happened to be one of the most sought after Olympiad exams, for a variety of purposes, hence ITO provides students with options , one can either choose to appear for the annual Olympiads or the monthly Olympiads which serve as practice test series for one when they compete at the national level and prepare for the same. English monthly  Olympiad syllabus helps one to improve upon the subject in  a longer run  due to dedicated practice and effort. It is the inculcation of habits as regular practicing, frequent revision, proper time management and accuracy, that helps one perform better. The students can make the use of various resources that have been made available by the Indian Talent Olympiad, these include workbooks , online assignments, video classes and more. The syllabus has been put out in hopes to allow the students to crosscheck the syllabus for the said exam that they choose to appear, for because it provides some time to strategise  and plan accordingly. The syllabus of each monthly exam has been provided according to the educational level for grades 1 to 10 and one simply has to click the tab in order to avail the syllabus upon visiting the website. The knowledge of required syllabus helps keep one a step ahead of their peers, allowing them to pace and prepare themselves well.

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