GK Monthly Olympiad Syllabus

The General Knowledge Olympiad is held in order to spread awareness as well as  test the students upon the knowledge of their surrounding and the world around them, students can choose to appear for the annual exams or the monthly exams which serve as a practice for one to prepare for examinations. GK monthly Olympiad syllabus makes it easy for the students to be aware of the topic that they might be tested upon, it helps them get used to the idea of what they might have to keep up with in order to perform better. Having proper knowledge of the syllabus allows the students to strategise when appearing for the exam, helps one manage their time and to keep a track of their progress with the due involvement of effort. The syllabus for students of grade 1 to 10 have been made available and one just needs to click on the provided tab on the official website in order to be led to the page where they can view the syllabus it varies  depending upon the educational level and hence has been curated to provide the students with maximum learning benefit and impact. The syllabus corresponds to the regular academic syllabus of the students allowing them to be ahead of their peers. The topics in the syllabus should be covered to perform well in the said Olympiads and one can make use of available resources to do so.

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