Kindergarten Olympiad

INDIAN TALENT OLYMPIAD has opened a new avenue, Olympiad for Kindergarten for children by introducing the NATIONAL KINDERGARTEN OLYMPIAD! In this Olympiad, ITO is conducting National Kindergarten Drawing Olympiad (NKDO) & National Kindergarten Handwriting Olympiad for the tiny tots studying in Junior KG and Senior KG.


National Kindergarten Drawing Olympiad (NKDO):

Drawing is one of the favourite activities of children. Kids love to play around with crayons. With attractive colours, children are free to experiment with strokes, shapes, designs and lot more. Students between 3 to 6 years of age must be encouraged to draw on their own. Drawing & painting helps to develop imagination & focus, which includes coordination & special movements involving the hand, fingers, wrists and eyes. Kindergarten Drawing encourages young talent to showcase their skills to the world. NKDO benefits students by Bringing out hidden talent of students, Helps to enhance creativity in young minds, Encourages visual analysis, Engages the child in kinaesthetic skills.


National Kindergarten Handwriting Olympiad (NKHO):

Handwriting is an art and in an effort to celebrate the fine art of proper penmanship, we, ITO have introduced the Handwriting Competition for Kindergarten students. It tests student’s calibre, writing skills, and neatness of written alphabets. Writing is not just a physical activity that involves the fingers. It engages the brain that thinks, commands the hand to write, and converts thoughts into words. It is believed that when children are encouraged to write at a young age, they develop love for writing & it can lead to a fine penmanship.
The participants are given a copy-writing test. All they have to do is copy the same in cursive or simple letters. The answer sheets are judged on spacing, size, shape, slant & neatness. With this, the best answer sheets are awarded.

Indian Talent Olympiad believes that young minds must be nurtured in the right way. It allows them to think out of the box. The Drawing & handwriting Olympiad soothes the minds & it teaches creative problem solving at a young age. It motivates students, as it increases individual confidence. Students, who have the flair for drawing & handwriting, help to improve concentration.

We constantly strive to bring the best foot forward. We believe in giving wings for tiny tots. Enrol to Kindergarten Competition (NKDO & NKHO) & give a chance for creativity to blossom.