Overall Question Paper Pattern include problem-based figure, series completion, odd one out, coding-decoding, mirror images, embedded figures, symmetry and alphabetical test questions.

Complexity of the question paper varies according to the class. For each class, questions are prepared by understanding their knowledge, ability and reasoning capacity.

International Science Olympiad (ISO) 29th November 2021 Monday 06th December 2021 Monday
International Maths Olympiad (IMO) 30th November 2021 Tuesday 07th December 2021 Tuesday
English International Olympiad (EIO) 01st December 2021 Wednesday 08th December 2021 Wednesday
General Knowledge International Olympiad (GKIO) 02nd December 2021 Thursday 09th December 2021 Thursday
International Computer Olympiad (ICO) 03rd December 2021 Friday 10th December 2021 Friday
International Drawing Olympiad (IDO) 04th December 2021 Saturday 11th December 2021 Saturday
National Essay Olympiad (NESO) 03rd December 2021 Friday 10th December 2021 Friday
National Social Studies Olympiad (NSSO) 04th December 2021 Saturday 11th December 2021 Saturday


Olympiad Features & Benefits

Indian Talent Olympiad highlights not only the services provided to the schools but also the awards to the Principal/Head Master/Head Mistress, the In-Charge Teachers and to the schools are featured. Also additional Olympiad Benefits are added for the students. Have a glance at the detailed information of features provided.


Online School Login

Every participating school and student gets an Online Login Facility. This will enable students and teachers to download results.


Message Alert System

Every registered school will receive timely SMS alerts on their registered mobile numbers for key events.


Golden School Award

'Golden School Award' will be given to Top 100 best performing schools from each state.


Inpiring Teacher Award

In-charge teachers representing top performing schools will be honored with 'Inspiring Teacher' award.
Note: Teachers who are registering as 'In-charge Teacher' for multiple subjects or every subject will be awarded a single award whichever is of the highest regard.


Motivating Head Master / Principal Award

HEAD MASTER / PRINCIPAL of a top performing school at Indian Talent exams gets 'Motivating Head Master/Principal' award.
Note: Head Masters/ Principals who are registering as 'In-charge Teacher' as well for specific subjects, will be awarded a single award of the highest regard (i.e. Head master/ Principal award only).




Additional Features And Benefits

  1. Exam Fees Exemption in respective subjects for students received scholarships in last 4 Years.
  2. Students Appearing any 3 Exams get FREE REGISTRATION for the 4th exam of their choice(Only Exam).


Can I Take Part In More Than 1 Subject?

Yes. Indian Talent Olympiad conducts exams in 9 subjects. Students are free to choose subjects of their choice. They can take part in 1 or as many subjects as per individual interest. The organization offers special combo pack for exam, workbooks and practice papers. The combo pack of workbooks and paper sets are available for Science, Mathematics, English and General Knowledge. These are most sought after subjects, in which students prefer to attempt the exam.