Olympiad Exam For Class 6

ITO Olympiad Exams For Class 6

Olympiad exam for class 6 forms as the base for competitive exams. It is of great importance that parents must give a strong foundation to their child in the form of these exams. As students enter class 6, they are expected to solve more number of questions as compared to their previous classes. However, the time limit remains the same, which is 65 minutes. Students are given 50 questions from three sections. The first section is the subjective pattern, that has 30 questions, the second section is the High Order Thinking section, commonly called as HOT section, consisting 5 questions and the third section is the logical reasoning section that has 15 questions in all. The question paper pattern remains the same for the following list of Olympiad class 6 subjects:

Class 6 International Science Olympiad (ISO)

Class 6 International Maths Olympiad (IMO)

Class 6 English International Olympiad (EIO)

Class 6 General Knowledge International Olympiad (GKIO)

Class 6 International Computer Olympiad (ICO)

Class 6 International Drawing Olympiad (IDO)

Class 6 National Essay Olympiad (NESO)

Class 6 National Social Studies Olympiad (NSSO)


One of the key secrets to score well in class 6 Olympiad exam is to make one’s own learning notes while referring to Olympiad books. Indian Talent Olympiad offers workbooks that are designed as per the school syllabus of class 6. This ensures additional practice while preparing for school exams. The books have exhaustive chapter-wise questions that assists maximum learning. It helps students visualize content while preparing for the final exam. To order workbooks from Indian Talent Olympiad, kindly click on the link below.




The learning patterns vary from one individual to the other. Every child has his/her own grasping capacity. But, there are certain techniques that work for all. It is important to improve one’s memory power, thinking ability and attention grabbing skills at the beginning. Olympiad online tests allow maximum practice before the final exam. It is on the basis of practice that students score well in academics. The more they are exposed to variety of questions, the better they perform. Olympiads create mind maps in students. This helps to provide a quick glance into chapter-wise questions and answers. The syllabus, concepts and other fundamentals must be clear beforehand. Drawing is an important aspect of learning. It is believed that children are able to remember whatever is learnt through drawing. It creates images of the topic in the minds. It is proved to increase learning speed. The syllabus of class 6 Olympiad is given below.




Today’s learning technique has transformed for the better. The key to today’s education is to stay positive and stay motivated. Olympiads provide the right foundation required to face national and international competitions.