Olympiad Mock Tests For Class 1

Olympiad mock tests for class 1 help small children to understand the meaning of the exam. It gives them a fair idea about how annual Olympiads are conducted. They are made familiar to the type of questions, level of difficulty and the time limit of the exam. Indian Talent Olympiad offers free mock tests to all those students who have enrolled for annual Olympiads.

The registration process is kept as simple as possible. Parents or teachers can register their students for the same. Schools can enroll students in bulk and allow them to compete at national and international platforms. Apart from schools, individual students are also allowed to take part in these exams. Please visit the registration page https://www.indiantalent.org/olympiad-exam-registration-student, fill up all the required details. You can choose as many subjects as you want. The same link can be used to purchase workbooks and previous year’s question paper sets for practice.

Olympiad mock tests for class 1 is the best way to not only practice for the final exam but also brush up students’ knowledge. The organization conducts monthly exams every 4th Saturday. Students can participate in these exams too before the annual Olympiads. The best part about the monthly exams are that these are conducted on different topics. Thus, different topics are added to the exam every month that ensures students retain previously learnt information and also add up to the existing topics. Class 1 is the right time to enroll students in such competitions. It gives them a chance to compete with like-minded students. The organization aims to bring the best foot forward through these exams.