Olympiad Mock Tests For Class 3

Students of class 3 must be exposed to Olympiad exams to give them an understanding of variety of questions. Olympiad mock tests for class 3 ensures that students understand the meaning of Olympiad. Students who enrol for the annual Olympiads are allowed to participate in free mock tests. Here, students can understand the type of questions, level of difficulty, and the time limit for the exam. It acts as good practice before the main exam.

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts two types of Olympiad exams namely the monthly and the annual Olympiad. The monthly Olympiads are conducted every month on different topics of different subjects. The annual Olympiads are similar exams but a little different with respect to the time limit, marks and the number of questions. For more information on these exams please visit our website. To register for these exams you can visit the registration page - https://www.indiantalent.org/olympiad-exam-registration-student. Fill up all the required details, select subjects, buy Olympiad workbooks and previous year’s sample question papers and get started. 

Students can prepare for the annual Olympiads using the Olympiad mock tests for class 3. These tests are free of cost for all those who are enrolled in the annual Olympiads. The subjects for annual Olympiads include Maths, Science, English, GK, Essay, Drawing, Social Studies and Computers. The syllabus for all these exams are the same as prescribed by the leading boards in the country. Thus, students can benefit out of these exams by apprising themselves with additional information. Register today, prepare yourself well, and make the most of these online mock tests.