Olympiad Mock Tests For Class 7

Indian Talent Olympiad welcomes all students to participate in the free Olympiad mock tests for class 7. This offer is available to all those who have registered for the annual Olympiads. The organization believes that students must understand the type of exam before participating in the same. Through these mock tests it becomes very easy for students to know the expected paper pattern, time limit and difficulty level of the exam. The mock tests are exactly as the annual Olympiads. The idea here is to allow students to have a thorough understanding of the final exam before they participate in the same. 

Olympiad exams are national competitions that bring students together on the same platform. These exams help students to compete with each other. The idea behind Olympiads are to improve existing knowledge, identify students’ strengths and work on their weaknesses. You can register for the annual Olympiads here - https://www.indiantalent.org/olympiad-exam-registration-student. The registration can be done by parents or even by students. All you have to do is after the registration is complete, you must use the same mobile number provided at the time of registration to login and participate in the exam. 

The subjects for Olympiads include Maths, Science, English, GK, Essay, Drawing, Social and Computers. Students can participate in any subject/ subjects of their choice. Olympiad mock tests for class 7 are provided in all of the subjects. You can even buy previous year’s question paper to know what kind of questions can be expected. Olympiad workbooks are also available at Indian Talent Olympiad that can be purchased for a nominal cost.