Social Studies Olympiad Syllabus Class 3

The Social Studies Olympiad Class 3 is an excellent way to improve knowledge in subjects such as geography, history, and civics. The Social Studies Olympiad tests students understanding of all these subjects. The exam is based on school syllabus that helps students to prepare for school exams too. Indian Talent Olympiad has a team of experts who have carefully curated the syllabus for class 3 students. It is at par with the ICSE, CBSE and State boards respectively. Students who study for Olympiads gain additional knowledge and are able to build very strong fundamentals for themselves. These exams focus on building conceptual knowledge. Social Study Olympiad Syllabus Class 3 is available on our website.



Chapter 1: Direction and Maps
Chapter 2: Understanding time
Chapter 3: Our Village, Our city
Chapter 4: Basic Needs
Chapter 5: Our Community life
Chapter 6: Public services for community life
Chapter 7: Earth-Continents and Oceans
Chapter 8: Our country and national symbol
Chapter 9: Religion culture and Tradition
Chapter 10: Occupation
Chapter 11: Local governing bodies
Chapter 12: Metropolises
Chapter 13: Our Early People
Chapter 14: Transport and Communication
Chapter 15: Maps-State, Capital and metropolises



Number Series, Analogy and Classification, Alphabet Test, Coding-Decoding, Ranking Test, Grouping of Figures and Matrix, Mirror Images, Geomatrical Shapes, Embedded Figures, Days and Dates and Possible Combinations, Blood Relations, Direction Sense Test, Water Images, Logical Sequence of Words and Letters.



High Order Thinking Section contains questions related to Section 1 - Subjective.