Social Studies Olympiad Syllabus Class 9

The Social Studies Olympiad Class 9 exam is open to all students studying in grade 9. This exam tests students’ knowledge on history, geography, political science and civics. It makes them familiar with topics that are covered in their school textbooks. It brings in a sense of clarity when students participate in the Olympiad exams. It makes their foundation strong. It gives them the confidence to answer tricky questions. It improves their subjective as well as logical reasoning skills. It develops critical thinking abilities among all participants. The syllabus makes them well-versed in different topics. Social Study Olympiad Syllabus Class 9 is available on the website.



Chapter 1: Harappan Civilization
Chapter 2: Events After 1960
Chapter 3: Vedic Period and 6th century BC
Chapter 4: Mauryan, Sangam, Guptas, Cholas, South, Delhi Sultanate, Mughals
Chapter 5: Indo-Islamic Culture
Chapter 6: The Renaissance
Chapter 7: French Revolution Russian Revolution
Chapter 8: Nazism and Hitler
Chapter 9: Colonialism
Chapter 10: Naxalism, Communalism, Regionalism
Chapter 11: Human Rights and Fundamental Rights
Chapter 12: Our constitution
Chapter 13: Union and State Govt
Chapter 14: Defense System
Chapter 15: Election and political Parties
Chapter 16: National Integrations
Chapter 17: Legislature Judiciary executive
Chapter 18: Physical Features of India
Chapter 19: India- Climate, Natural resources, Population, Tourism, Trade
Chapter 20: Earth (Motion, Structure, Landforms and Disasters)
Chapter 21: Weathering of rocks
Chapter 22: Hydrosphere and atmosphere
Chapter 23: Natural Regions
Chapter 24: Internal forces of Earth
Chapter 25: Economic Development
Chapter 26: Education
Chapter 27: Empowerment of Women
Chapter 28: Income and Tax
Chapter 29: Electoral Politics
Chapter 30: Maps



Series Completion, Alpha Numberic, Analogy, Classification, Coding-Decoding, Blood Relations, Puzzle Test, Sequential Output Tracing, Direction Sense Test, Logical Venn Diagrams, Alphabet Test, Ranking, Mathematical Operations, Inserting the Missing Character.



High Order Thinking Section contains questions related to Section 1 - Subjective.