Online Olympiad Exams for Class 1

Online Olympiad exams for class 1 are conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad. These can be taken digitally sitting at the comforts of your home. The best part of these exams is that it engages the young minds, makes them thorough in different subjects. Apart from the online exams the organization conducts offline exams too. It welcomes schools to allow its students to participate in these exams in large numbers. The monthly Olympiads are conducted online that act as additional practice all round the year for the annual Olympiads. Schools taking part in the annual Olympiads can do so both online and offline.

Individual students who want to take part in annual Olympiads are welcome to be a part of these exams. To register please visit Fill up the required details, pay the fees to get started. You can then login using the mobile number and password provided to you on your registered number created at the time of registration.

Indian Talent Olympiad ensures Olympiad preparation online for class 1 through monthly Olympiads. The monthly tests are conducted in subjects such as English, Science, GK, Maths, Drawing, and Essay. The best part of these exams is that it is conducted every 4th Saturday. Thus, students are judged on individual chapters of their school text books. The syllabus is as prescribed by different boards. Students who participate in these exams gain additional knowledge. The questions are a little tricky, which requires students to be clear in concepts.

Online Olympiad class 1 is one of the best ways to ensure maximum practice. It is the right time to start with such competitions not only for winning, but also for identifying individual strengths and weaknesses. Students of class 1 are still very small to understand the concept of winning and losing. Parents and teachers would be the best people to guide them in the right direction. Participate in Online Olympiad Tests for class 1 through Indian Talent Olympiad today.