Online Olympiad Exams for Class 2

Indian Talent Olympiad is happy to introduce online Olympiad tests for class 2. As the name suggests, these are online tests that can be given using any smart phone or tablet. The monthly Olympiads are conducted online every month. Here is the chance for students to brush up chapter-wise questions and clear their doubts if any. It is the best way to ensure concepts from each chapter are clear before moving to the next chapter.

The annual Olympiads are conducted online as well as offline. We invite schools who would like their students to be a part of these prestigious exams. Students who want to take part individually are also welcome to participate and compete in online Olympiad exams for class 2. To register for monthly or the annual Olympiads please visit

The registration process is kept as simple as possible. All you need to do is fill in the required details. Once you complete the registration, you will receive a confirmatory message. You can login to your account using your registered mobile number and password received on your phone. For any questions or any help you may call up on our toll free number 1800 266 9192. Olympiad preparation online for class 2 is possible only when students participate in the various monthly tests. These tests help them to understand the paper pattern and the type of questions asked in the annual Olympiads. It also assists them to perform well in their academics. The syllabus for Online Olympiad class 2 is the same that is prescribed by schools. Thus, they are not burdened with additional studies but motivated to do well in all types of competitions.

The exposure provided by Indian Talent Olympiad is world-class. Register and participate in these exams today.