Online Olympiad Exams for Class 9

Online Olympiad tests for class 9 are extremely useful for all students. These tests provide a lot of clarity over concepts that are taught in class. It makes them ready for tricky questions. Indian Talent Olympiad conducts online and offline exams for all interested students. To register for these exams please visit Here, you can register for monthly Olympiads and annual Olympiads. Fill up the required fields, select your subjects, select the Olympiad exam and get started. After you complete the registration, you can login using the same link for attempting online tests. Enter your mobile number used at the time of registration for logging in and taking these exams. 

Olympiad preparation online for class 9 helps students prepare chapter wise questions. Every month students can gain mastery over individual chapters. This would help them to be ready for the annual Olympiads. At the same time, they prepare for school exams too. The syllabus for the Olympiads is the same as prescribed by schools. It is affiliated to different boards namely the State board, ICSE, CBSE boards respectively. Schools can register on behalf of their students for these exams. The subjects include Maths, Science, English, GK, Essay, Drawing, Computer and Social. Individual students can also register for the annual Olympiads using the same registration process. 

Online Olympiad exams for class 9 are conducted with a motive to bring out the best in each and every participant. It makes students confident to attempt their 9th class exams and also prepares them for the next year. It gives them a taste of how national competitions are conducted. It helps them to know the topics that must be ready before attempting the final exam. 

Olympiad Preparation Online for Class 9 must be taken seriously. It forms the base for the coming years. The concepts learnt in class 9 in all subjects go a long way in bringing the best foot forward.