Orange Education And Indian Talent Olympiad

Orange Education is a well-known name in the teaching and learning industry. It consists of a group of mentors and educational evangelists, who bring together technology and innovation. The main aim of this organization is to foster students’ intellect from a young age. It strives to bridge the gap between the theoretical and the practical world, thus assisting them to solve real-life problems. It works with the same mission, as of Indian Talent Olympiad, which is why both these organizations have come together to uplift education in the country. The strategic partnership between Orange Education and Indian Talent Olympiad brings together competitive spirit and promotes self- development.

Similar to Indian Talent Olympiad, Orange Education conducts Olympiad exams for students from class 1 to class 10. It has a very unique approach to these exams. Also known as the Orange Global Olympiads, the organization conducts these exams in traditional as well as contemporary subjects. The OGO exams are conducted in two levels – the first level is the School Level Examination (SLE) and the second is the National Level Examination (NLE). Both these exams are conducted by school authorities. From the academic point of view, students can attempt for OGO exams in subjects such as Mathematics, Science, English, Cyber and Hindi. The unique feature about this organization, is that is conducts Olympiads in Astronomy, STEM and Junior Finance.

Astronomy, is the study of natural science. It studies celestial objects using Physics, Maths and Chemistry to explain its evolution. The OGO STEM exam stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It tests students’ knowledge different topics from these subjects. The OGO Junior Finance includes topics on debt, financial planning, savings and everything related to the economy. It makes students understand practical concepts that can be applied to day-to-day life. Class 1 to 5 are asked 30 MCQs, class 6 to 8 are asked 40 MCQs and class 9 and 10 are asked 50 MCQs. All questions are based on subject knowledge. There is no negative marking in any exam. Questions for all of these exams consist of 60% of the present syllabus and 40% of the previous syllabus.

The partnership between Orange Education and Indian Talent Olympiad will surely be beneficial to all participants. The former ensures overall development in students, whereas the latter makes students thorough in academics. Orange Education has introduced NCERT Mind Maps learning that activates both brain languages. It focuses on developing the right brain as well as the left brain. The left brain focuses on logic, numbers, lines, language, sequence and analysis, whereas the right brain focuses on colours, shapes, rhythm, creativity, imagination and day dreaming. Olympiad exams not just check academic knowledge of participants. It also tests student’s familiarity with creative thinking abilities, logical reasoning skills and analytical behaviour.

The NCERT Mind Maps product offered by Orange Education is an assessment to learning. It ensures stress free revision, recall for a longer time and increases grasping power. Students who participate in the Mind Map initiative are given 5 topics as per the class and subject. Each participant will then have to draw 3 Mind Maps to qualify. The sections include ‘How to Draw and Read Mind Map’. All the questions have to be drawn on a separate sheet of paper. Students must use minimum of four colours to draw the Mind Map. All those who score above 75% receive certificates and gold medals and those who score above 60% receive certificates.

Orange Education has a very unique way of conducting exams. It also has Orange NBSE – National Board of School Examination that grants scholarships, awards and recognition programs for students of class 9 and 10. It understands students’ needs and fulfills all of those. Indian Talent Olympiad works with a similar vision – to promote quality education in all participants. It believes that out of the total school students population, each and every child must be able to attempt Olympiads. This not only brings in confidence, but also improves the standards of learning. After all, today’s children are tomorrow’s future. Students can become skilled professionals in any field they like. Olympiad exams train students’ brain in all directions. It provides them a platform to understand their individual interest.

Indian Talent Olympiad’s Online Test Series or the Demo Tests provide immense practice before the final exam. Similarly, Orange Global Olympiads are scientifically designed exams that help students to identify their strengths and weaknesses in subjects. Being a skill-based exam, it encourages students to achieve good marks in all mock tests. Olympiad exams are a tool to measure students’ understanding of basic concepts. It provides detailed feedback to parents. They come to know areas where their children may require additional practice. Both these organizations work hand-in-hand with each other to promote Olympiad exams in students from class 1 to class 10.

Some of the skills assessed in individual subjects are as follows:

  • Mathematics – This subject tests knowledge on arithmetic, measuring, spatial understanding, data interpretation and problem solving.
  • Science – The concepts included in Science are observation, measuring, data interpretation, scientific investigation, logical reasoning and problem solving.
  • English and Hindi – Languages focus on comprehension, vocabulary, communication and syntactic.
  • Astronomy – This is one of the unique subjects for Olympiads. It has gained a lot of student attention as well. It tests scientific temper, investigation, night sky reading, spatial understanding, logical reasoning and problem solving.
  • Cyber – The Cyber Olympiad focuses on programming, graphical processing, operating and logical reasoning.
  • STEM – STEM Olympiads are another unique set of exams conducted by OGO. It tests students’ knowledge on programming, arithmetic, investigation, observation, problem solving, scientific analysis, and spatial understanding.
  • Jr Finance – This is another distinctive exam conducted by OGO. It teaches measuring, history of finance, general awareness, stepwise thinking, decision making and financial ethics.

Orange Global Olympiads and Indian Talent Olympiad offer workbooks that are rich with content. These books are designed by professionals who have a good grip over the subject. Students can refer to these books before the final exam. It also helps them to study for school exams. Olympiad exams boost individual knowledge, improve concentration and increase confidence in all participants. Come be a part of us today!