GK Olympiad Last Date of Registration

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts the General Knowledge Olympiad for all the students from class 1 to class 10. This may not be a regular subject, but is a very important part of their academics. Those who study for this exam develop excellent general knowledge abilities that are important for their future. This exam focuses on the overall development of students. GK Olympiad Last Date of Registration for individual student and for the school registration is 10th January, 2022. So, make sure you register for the exam well in advance. The registrations can be done online through the Student Registration page. 

General knowledge improves confidence in all students. It becomes easy for them to take part in debates and put their point across confidently. It is one of the subject that is the base for other subjects. Many national competitions at higher levels include questions from general knowledge in their exam. Students who have a strong command over this subject, are able to tackle other subjects easily. Indian Talent Olympiad includes variety of topics in this exam. It helps students to become more focused. Parents and teachers must register for the exam to bring about a notable change in their children. Apply before the GK Olympiad Last Date of Registration.

The last date to register for the Olympiad exam for 2021-22 is mentioned below. Individual Students and schools can register before the last date to enroll for this academic year.


10th January 2022 (Slot 2)


10th January 2022 (Slot 2)