Social Studies Olympiad Last Date of Registration

Indian Talent Olympiad is one of the few organizations that conducts the National Social Studies Olympiad. This exam tests students’ knowledge in different subjects such as history, geography, civics, political science and even general affairs. It is an important subject for those who want to improve their existing score in Social Studies. The Social Studies Olympiad Last Date of Registration is 10th January, 2022. The date is the same for individual registration as well as school registration. So whether you are an individual student applying for the exam or are part of your school, you need to keep a tab on the last date of registration. The exam is conducted as per the present school syllabus. Students are not required to read anything more than their school curriculum. It caters to all the leading boards of the country. 

To know more about the exam date and schedule, please refer to the Olympiad timetable displayed on the website. The registrations can be done using the Student Registration button on the home page of the website. Indian Talent Olympiad treats all students equally. Thus, it awards winners from different categories to motivate all the participants. Take part in the Social Studies Olympiad and register before the Social Studies Olympiad Last Date of Registration.

The last date to register for the Olympiad exam for 2021-22 is mentioned below. Individual Students and schools can register before the last date to enroll for this academic year.


10th January 2022 (Slot 2)


10th January 2022 (Slot 2)