Indian Talent Olympiad And Swastick Book Box

Indian Talent Olympiad is privileged to have partnered with Swastick Book Box to provide quality education to students. It is one of the leading names that provides both offline as well as online platform for students to succeed in Olympiad exams. It provides access to variety of questions in the form of sample tests, mock tests, and real-life simulation tests. The organization has carefully designed tools that is used to conduct these exams. It provides access to all participants and evaluates their performance.

Swastick Book Box provides an Olympiad tool-kit that is a must for all Olympiad aspirants. Some of the subjects that the company supports are Reasoning, Science, English, Computer Science and General Knowledge. Logical reasoning is an important component of all Olympiads. It sharpens the brain from a young age. The tool-kit offered by the company contains 5 tests for every chapter, 3 mock tests and 10 sample tests for all subjects. It provides parents and teachers with a detailed diagnostic report to analyze the progress of the child. These tests identify areas that require improvement, and more practice.

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts Olympiads in 8 subjects as follows:

  • International Maths Olympiad (IMO)
  • International Science Olympiad (ISO)
  • English International Olympiad (EIO)
  • General Knowledge International Olympiad (GKIO)
  • National Essay Olympiad (NESO)
  • National Social Studies Olympiad (NSSO)
  • International Drawing Olympiad (IDO)
  • International Computer Olympiad (ICO)

Students can choose to appear in any of the subject or subjects of their choice. They are free to appear in one or all subjects. Students can register for these exams either from the official website of Indian Talent Olympiad or from the website of Swastick Book Box. Both the organizations have come together to ensure quality education in the lives of all students. Swastick Book Box along with Indian Talent Olympiad work with certain objectives in mind. The tool-kit provided by the company ensures the following:

  • Develops aptitude – The tests conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad and Swastick Book Box helps students decide their area of interest. It becomes easy for them to choose their respective career paths in higher classes.
  • Develop logical reasoning skills – This is an integral part of all Olympiad exams. No matter which subject students choose, logical reasoning questions are a natural part of that particular subject.
  • Nurtures self-study – Olympiad exams are very interesting exams because of the way it is conducted. It has a multiple choice paper pattern that makes learning a fun activity. Students can study on their own without much help.
  • Helps in time management – Swastick Book Box conducts tests within a stipulated time. It also provides a report on how much time was consumed on each question. This makes students manage time in a better manner.
  • Develops problem-solving skills – Olympiad exams are all about arriving at the right answer. It takes a lot of analysis to strike out wrong answers and choose the correct one. This is also called a problem-solving ability that helps students in the long run.

Swastick Book Box has done quite a lot of research in understanding the pattern of Olympiad exam. It has a team of educationists who are well-versed with content for different classes. They have gained a deep understanding of Olympiads and thus have come out with questions for various subjects. The team has formulated questions to the best of their understanding. It believes that students must be given multiple practice sessions to be familiar with concepts. Thus, it encourages fundamental concepts to be clear before the exam.

Indian Talent Olympiad’s Online Test Series works somewhat similar to the idea of Swastick Book Box. The only difference being, Indian Talent Olympiad is a platform that welcomes students to participate in Olympiads. It is one of the best organizations that conducts these exams. It invites individual students as well as schools to be a part of Olympiads. Students can register either on Indian Talent Olympiad’s official student registration page or on the website of Swastick Book Box. The former is a one-stop solution for Olympiad participants. They get everything under one roof namely the practice papers, workbooks, variety of test series and of course access to the final exam. The latter, can be an excellent guide for preparation of the exam.

Olympiad exams require students to undergo a lot of practice sessions from different sources. It is important for students to be exposed to questions from everywhere. Thus, the main reason for the partnership of Indian Talent Olympiad and Swastick Book Box is to impart excellence in knowledge. This is possible only when the best of both worlds meet. The scholarship programs offered by Indian Talent Olympiad is an excellent way of encouraging young talent. There is no other joy any parent or teacher can feel when their children and students bag prizes at national and international level. Indian Talent Olympiad and Swastick Book Box together make dreams come true.