Talent Search Exam for Class 1

Talent Search Exam for Class 1 is a diagnostic test that helps students to improve their overall learning. It is also conducted to encourage young minds to perform well in academics. It is the best way to identify budding scientists, writers, technologists, artists and a lot more talent. Generally, the school tests measure how much students know about particular topics, but exams such as the Olympiads measures their conceptual understanding. Indian Talent Olympiad conducts these talent exams in the form of monthly and annual Olympiads and even provides detailed feedback on each and every child’s understanding. It helps parents to know whether children have understood particular topics. It gives a lot of importance to basic fundamentals. Parents and teachers are given time to correct students and set a path for improvement. These exams do not focus on making children simply memorize things. They may forget memorized things after a few days. But, if they understand and solve questions, it remains in their memory for a long time. It does not encourage rote learning but paves way for conceptual learning and the development of all our young ones. Indian Talent Olympiad conducts the talent exam in subjects such as Science, Mathematics, English, General Knowledge, Drawing, Essay, Social Studies and Computers. Students can opt for one or all the subjects as per their choice. Class 1 is the right time to introduce students to such competitions. They automatically fall in love with the way the exam conducted and look forward to solving more questions in their journey of Olympiads.