Talent Search Exam for Class 2

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts Talent Search Exam for Class 2 in the form of Olympiads. The exam is conducted in subjects such as Science, Mathematics, English, General Knowledge, Drawing, Essay, Social Studies and Computers. Students can opt for online or offline exams. Both options are open. This exam lets parents know their child’s ability. It does not focus on superficial assessment of children, instead, it focuses on their conceptual understanding. Olympiad exams encourage students’ ability to think independently. In today’s world, it is important for students to build up logical reasoning and critical thinking skills. These exams direct students to think out-of-the-box to arrive at the right answer. The best part about these exams is that although they are based on the school syllabus, they are still very different from school exams. Instead of rote-learning, it gives a lot of importance to the learning of fundamentals. Students are able to build a stronghold and a good base when they take part in such exams. Students of class 2 are still very small. Thus, parents should mould them in the right direction. They must be taught small concepts with examples so that they can understand and learn things. They must try to apply the concept in questions asked in Olympiads. They must encourage them to participate in such exams. The Olympiads prove to be beneficial to all in the long run. Awards, accolades, certificates and excellence awards are some of the ways through which students feel motivated. These help them in the long run academically.