Talent Search Exam for Class 3

The Talent Search Exam for Class 3 is conducted by the Indian Talent Olympiad through online and offline Olympiad examinations. It conducts monthly and annual Olympiads announces monthly as well as annual winners of these exams. The subjects in which you can participate are Science, Mathematics, English, General Knowledge, Drawing, Essay, Social Studies and Computers. Indian Talent Olympiad provides workbooks and previous year’s question paper sets to prepare for these exams. It encourages all students to do well and thus provides all the required resources. The Olympiads focuses on fundamentals, which is the right way to prepare for national competitions. It instils strong conceptual knowledge among all children. These concepts are very useful as the questions in the years to come are based on basic understanding. The Olympiad exams are different from other exams. They are objective in nature and use the multiple-choice question format. Students are given four options to choose from. It has interesting questions that require serious thinking and understanding instead of a simple recall. It provides detailed skill-wise analysis that highlights students’ strengths and weaknesses. Parents and teachers can understand the areas that require additional support. It also provides a benchmark of students’ performance, as compared to his/ her peers. These competitions more than competing with each other is a competition within oneself. It aims at improvement rather than grading or comparison. It gives a lot of importance to knowledge than simply allowing students to know the answer. Class 3 children must be exposed to such competitions for their academic growth.