Talent Search Exam for Class 5

The Talent Search Exam for Class 5 is the best exam to bring the best out of all children. It is conducted by the Indian Talent Olympiad, also known as the Olympiad exams. It is conducted all-round the year in the form of monthly Olympiads. The final exams are called the annual Olympiads. The subjects for the talent search exam includes Science, Mathematics, English, General Knowledge, Drawing, Essay, Social Studies and Computers. Students of class 5 can choose any subject/ subjects of their choice. It is a unique national competition for young achievers to shine in life. The exam is aligned with the CBSE, ICSE and State board syllabus. Thus, students need to prepare for what is prescribed by schools, but on an advanced platform. School exams conduct competitions between the students in class. It is more classroom centred. Whereas the exams such as the Olympiads or the talent search exams are broader in nature. Students compete with peers from different schools, different boards on the same level. It is the best exam to judge students’ knowledge, understanding and confidence level. The exam gives an excellent opportunity for students to self-assess their scores. It enables them to know their position among others within the country. The quality and the standard of questions are very different from those asked in school exams. Such competitive exams encourage students to perform well in all exams of their lives. Most students after looking at their scores feel motivated to perform better in the next Olympiad exam.